Dem-Gaz has become bizarre with its new policy...............

…of referring to the UofA as the “University of Arkansas @ Fayetteville” in the lead sentences in EVERY article about them while ignoring that specificity on many other institutions EXCEPT UALR. In the ASU article there was absolutely no attempt to clarify that the article was about the Arkansas State University at Jonesboro not the one at Beebe. Here is an example from today’s men’s track article:

“The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville’s 1,600 relay…” In that same article they mentioned every other school in the SEC (except Vanderbilt which, I guess, does not have a men’s indoor track team) without ever clarifying that it was The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga not at Martin, or The University of Georgia at Athens not at Tifton, or The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa not at Birmingham, etc. If this issue is so important, why not make things clear on EVERY institution mentioned in the Dem-Gaz rather than just UALR and the UofA? Could it be because this editorial policy is not about clarity at all? If their goal is to add one more irritant for many of their subscribers on top of the snarky Wally Hall, their political slants, right wing editorials, etc. their cup of snarkiness is over achieving on its run over.

'The same “inconsistent clarity policy” occurred in the women’s track article, Wally’s latest ‘snarkalot’ (where he whined AGAIN about Dana Altman’s short stay at The UofA), Richard Davenport’s recruiting article, and the baseball article. At least the DemGaz Editors are consistent with their inconsistencies.


The cure for all of your complaints is to drop your subscription to the ADG. I did that years ago and I’ve not missed them one bit. My main complaint then was _ally _all. Even though this site partners with the ADG I still boycott the above mentioned short dude. And I’ve not missed the ADG or shorty.

Yeah, it’s funny I’ve been noticing that lately. I think it comes from Wally Hall who’s been resentful of THE UA forever. I wonder why it seems to be cropping up now though?

I’ve noticed that as well just the past day or two, and was wondering whether or not I should make a post about it - and then I saw this thread.

In the whole scheme of things, I guess it really doesn’t matter all that much. But for my entire life, I’ve read “The University of Alabama”, “The University of Texas”, etc. When referring to those schools, you never read “The University of Alabama at Tuscaloosa”, or “The University of Texas at Austin”, even though both have satellite campuses (University of Texas Arlington, University of Alabama Birmingham, etc.), and it doesn’t seem to confuse anyone.

They are called “Flagship” universities for a reason. I don’t see the need to suddenly change to “The University of Arkansas at Fayetteville” - this is totally a political thing. Ridiculous.

Very odd. Obviously, someone in a position of power has an agenda.

Granted I don’t live in Arkansas and I don’t have a subscription to the ADG, but what exactly is the agenda and politics y’all see involved here?

My usual theory is the best way to figure out “why” on something is you uncover and follow the money. This time, I bet you need to follow the snarky dude’s thinking to uncover the “why.” Did Hussman tell Wally he could not refer to UALR as Little Rock Trojans so this is his way to apply a twist to that order to both schools, just to irritate his boss and not caring if he irritated his readers or anyone at the UofA? Wally’s close to retirement age so maybe this is his thumb to the nose wave to Walter (or the UofA) on his way out? Some of you claim to know why so share people! The rest of us are really curious about this bizarre new policy at the DemGaz sports department.

On a side note, I bet Wally puts in one more whine in his DemGaz snarkalot editorial about “Bobby Knight being mean to him and making his Mommy sad” before he goes into retirement. If so, it will be at least the tenth time he has whined about it.

Sadly, with his strong inferiority feelings, his whiney personality fits.

As with anything you disagree with regarding your newspaper, I would suggest you write the editor of the newspaper with your thoughts, concerns, etc.

I was sad to see that there layoffs at ADG where 12-15 talented people lost their jobs last week… There were some really good people on that list, it’s really unfortunate that Wally wasn’t on it.

Wally and the ADG will do everything in their power to take a poke at the U of A. This recent UA Fayetteville is a classic example.

An article in today’s paper about ASU-J revising a contract includes the following phrases:

“A new agreement between Arkansas State University in Jonesboro and…”

“The Jonesboro university first signed agreements…”

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … ters-pact/”></LINK_TEXT>

Just pointing out that including the city identifier is not unique to UA-F.

Had nothing at all to do with Wally.

Decision made above him

It is an insult to our Hogs! It’s also an insult to every fan. It’s a poor decision made by someone with power that cares nothing about sports or the market of the people whom he should depend on pleasing to pay his own salary. It may be a waste of my time but I’m paying this guy or gal a visit. Im retired so I have time!
In the past few years our state and country has changed the mans law without regard to the principles this country was founded upon nothing surprises me anymore!
Maybe they need to replace the editor with someone with a minor in Marketing.
If no one buys the paper or stays on these boards times could get tough. I have already protested the Ladybacks for the kneel down it may be time to protest this too! Does anyone have a suggestion to where to go to get good sports information about our hogs on a daily basis.

I, too, don’t subscribe to the ADZ. Had a minor sidestep with a subscription when HawgsIllustrated moved from Scout. Seems to me an electronic copy editor could be written by Whole Hog Sports techies to always change “University of Arkansas at Fayetteville” to “University of Arkansas” on content that moves from the ADZ to WholeHogSports. It is aggravating, and I hope I don’t have to choose between being aggravated and reading the best site on Hog stories.