Deleted discussion

I deleted the Pistol Pete thread. There were so much name calling. So much violation of copy right laws. You cannot copy and paste stories from other sites. You can post links.

Name calling was out of whack. Jeremy and Razorback339 both violated multiple rules of the board. And, there is no place to ridicule someone for a bad spelling or typo. You can read the post. You know what it says.

I’m sorry that it slipped into such a bad dialogue between two or three posters.

Man, whether or not Pistol Pete, Larry Bird or Lew Alcindor was the best slipped into that? I don’t get it.

Everyone has a right to a belief on who is better. It’s just an opinion. You don’t agree with someone, it’s no reason to go postal and several did that.

No one is right and no one is wrong. I am sorry that it got out of hand just over an opinion.


I have no opinion over an LSUSUX player

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