We are in a weather delay on a sun-splashed evening in Omaha. Officials will reconvene between 6:30-6:45 p.m.

Sure. Why not just postpone everything a couple of days and let the Beaver pitchers rest up and get stronger. Then the advantage that the Winners Bracket team gets for being 3 & 0 goes out the window. I’m not a conspiracy freak. I’m just someone who sees the impact of every unavoidable thing that happens. Oh Yeah, I was in Omaha for the first 2 games. And I was standing outside the stadium on Tuesday at 6:00 when they decided to postpone the AR - TT until the next day because it was going to rain. And it did rain … about 4 hours later. I understand caution and losing your starter because of a rain delay, but did they ever consider starting the game at 3:00 to beat the rain?

Rain started about 9 a.m. It rained until an hour ago. And, there is a storm approaching loaded with lightning. I don’t see how they could have done anything differently.

Clay’s right. It was raining here until 5 p.m.