Deja Vu

I asked a friend of mine who is a huge Kentucky fan if they thought Cal was safe this year. First she said she was glad the nightmare was over quickly this year, no dragging out the misery. .

Then to answer the question, she said that there is a lot of talk of getting rid of Cal and the top candidate for replacement is Muss, She might’ve been pushing my buttons, but honestly that thought hadn’t crossed my mind yet. . blood boiled instantly. . . .

That would be my absolute worst freaking nightmare, lose another coach to Kentucky. . . . .

I saw somewhere that Kentucky would have to pay a $54 million buyout to get rid of Calipari. If that’s the case, they aren’t going to fire him.

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Talked to my KY Jelly friend last night. He thinks Cal is safe. Who knows?

I hope that number is right. . . . but who knows.

They were talking about Cal on Big Ten network. I can’t remember which one of the talking heads said this but he was saying that Cal was safe but may return to NBA. Thinking was he does not like that he now has to compete for top recruits, which he was able to get automatically because other schools did not want one and dones. The landscape has changed now. In the class of 2020, he did not get a single recruit that was #1 at their position. And results show that. You can’t take a bunch of freshmen and win unless they are Anthony Davis, Bam Adebayo, John Wall, etc.

I see Cal make a move soon. Not even making NIT field is crushing.

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Yes I can see that scenario, he bolts to the NBA.
Cal needs his ego stroked continuously and be highly praised. Whether it’s the fan base, school admin, the media, spirts world, etc. Doesn’t always have to be all doing the stroking & praising but just some or one of those for the rest to hear.
That stroking & praising is starting to dwindle quickly along with recruiting classes.
So rather than take the chance of losing his high horse media darling status in the college ranks. Make some arrangements with KY & that 50+ mil buyout and jump back to the NBA. All the while spouting how he did the big favor to KY out of love & respect and wishes them well to continue what he built there blah blah blah.

Or his alter ego says bite me KY, pay me and I go.

I’ve said for years that when teams like Duke started taking one and dones, Cal wouldn’t be nearly as successful as he was. Now he can’t get the #1 player at each position in every class and it’s starting to show the shortcomings of what he did for many years.

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Should have fired Cal yesterday when the best shot his team got was a 35 foot three when you only needed one point to tie ? WPS

The buyout number I saw was $60 million, but that was when Squid signed the extension a year or so back. It might be down to ONLY $54M.

Everyone saw how that NBA gig worked out last time, not sure that will work out either, kinda afraid he ll take Dickie Vs spot and we ll have to listen and look at him all the time

Kentucky AD and Jeff Long must be related.

I’d rather he be on TV which I can mute than be on the sideline.

Or worse Cal & Dickie together !!!

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