Deja Vu

Down double digits in the first half, shooting 30%, getting creamed on the boards, twice as many TO’s than assists.


Wash, rinse, repeat.

Now this is more like it. Looks like Mike got through to them at half and lit a fire.

Zone made a big difference. So did Dusty hitting shots.

Nice to see the zone and see them hit some shots. It would be nice to see Moses get down low and produce early and often. Something he did very little tonight .
The defense in the second half was much better. I did not like the stall at the end of the game not getting quality shots. Need a better effort against SC.

Moses ended of contributing the last half on defense, we just need more out of him. I also wish we had a defense where Moses never got both feet out of the paint at the same time, it would shut down some layups and improve our rebounding. Good win on the road ! WPS