Deja Vu All Over Again

The MBB 2022-23 version has some similarities to CEM’s 2020-21 team …

Only ONE returning player with significant PT (Desi 20-21, Devo 22-23)

Elite ESPN Top 100 HS recruits provide immediate talent infusion …
20-21: Moses-45, KKR-82, Devo-89, JWill-94
22-23: NSJ-3, JWalsh-11, ABlack-15, DFord-71, BDunning-74, JPinion-89

Highly touted portal (ESPN, SI or CBSSports ranking) transfers fill the gaps …
20-21: JTate-23, JSmith-27, JDN-29, CV-44, VJackson-47
22-23: Brazile-20, Council-22, Makhel-23, Makhi-24, Graham-42

20-21 team was unranked in most preseason polls and finished in the Elite Eight …
22-23 team will be ranked Top 10 in most preseason polls and finish in the ______ ?


Side note: Looking forward to seeing John Fogerty in Beaver Creek, CO next month

Solid comparison…but, it’s Muss’ 4th season now. Justin Smith had serious Power 5 experience against excellent competition. He was ready for plug in play as our “5ish”; and the perfect guy to start in front of the frosh, J-Will. Moody was the best on the team the day he walked onto the court, and mature over his years. A real top 20 NBA selection. JD was an exceptional 6th man, who had spent year prepping as a redshirt, and also was ready to go. My feeling is our new transfer bigs are not as polished and skilled. I think the issue this coming season will be about chemistry.

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