Deion sends 18 players to the portal

Which makes it 44 players to transfer out since Prime was hired in Boulder. Of those, 31 left since April 15.

By the way, to “cut” a player without honoring his scholarship is an NCAA violation, so the technique is to make it clear that he needs to cut himself.

He better get him some lineman…He has 1 OL and 1 DL committed for next year.

He got Domineck from us on the DL

It looks like he’s going to have to get them from the portal because he only has 3 committed in this next year’s class.

I count 13 OL/DL committed to them on their On3 portal page, including Domineck.

I’m just talking about the ones he has committed in the 2023 class …he only has 3… the portal has changed a lot as far as how people build their roster… that apparently is what he is doing with lineman.

I wouldn’t want to be part of this experiment to say the least, no matter what takes place DS will always be bigger than the team as a whole. Just my opinion. WPS


He probably has to bring in Portal lineman right now but that’s a very dangerous trend to start because the high school kids will eventually figure out that hey he’s just going to bring in Portal people

Will be worth keeping an eye on in the future

Isn’t that happening a lot of places? Deion is just the outlier, although not much of that. Remember we had 29 people leave and have brought in 14 with more coming

Yeah the portal is changed the way people
build their roster… but I definitely would not get into a trend of bringing in just a few HS Ol/DL. I think you will see him do that going forward I think he pretty much had to get rid of the Dead weight this year to have any chance to compete…

Alabama Georgia and Ohio State really don’t even get into the portal that much. Out of all three of them in the last 2 years only Alabama and Ohio State have brought in one OL/Dl …they signed high school kids and build them up which I think is the right way to do it if you can.

Gotta do a teardown before you can do a rebuild. They’ll give him a few years to turn it around. These next couple of years might be rough in Boulder.

All the Buffalo alum that work for me here in Colorado are absolutely delusional. I actually have one guy in my office who says they will compete for the Pac12 and national championship. Almost all of them think they will win 9 games+ next year.

I think it’s super impressive what Deion has done to create interest in the program. It was dead as dead gets when he walked in. But I keep telling there fans they should be impressed if they win 5 games next year considering where they were. They have a tough (for their history) opening schedule that will probably leave them with losses on the schedule and in the locker room (injuries). That’s when it’s going to be tough for them. What happens with they go to the 2’s for the starters?

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That’s a lot to lose in the spring. I understand big turnover when are big staff changes post-season, that’s just the way things work out fairly often. But to have that many guys go through winter workouts and spring practice and then leave in the short spring portal period is an eye-opener.

I listened the talk radio guys that saw the Spring game and said there was no defense at all and that it would be long yr for the Buffaloes.I think it will take him 3 yrs before they are competitive because they were dreadful last yr and really the last few yrs.He has his work cut out for him but he can recruit and that is always the 1st step to turning it around.

And he sends those kids to the portal without their film.

There’s one member of the Dallas media that really took it to Prime on Twitter yesterday. Says he’s a complete fraud, self-centered, etc. She may be right. I don’t really know. He’s done a few good things from coaching standpoint recently at Jackson State. Let’s see what happens. It is not a foregone conclusion that he will succeed in Power Five football. And if he keeps treating players like this, I’m not sure his recruiting can sustain. Kids he is recruiting never even saw him play. Now, their parents did. And maybe that’s the difference. I would sure approach that guy with a lot of hesitation. He’s no Nick Saban.

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Do programs typically give practice film of departing players to other programs? Apparently they do.

CU had 47k at the game (where it snowed and they paid $10 per ticket to get in). ESPN showcased the game via streaming. TV ratings say 840k watched versus the second highest of 270 K for Southern Cal game last spring. Prime will be one of top five stories in college football all of next year.

This was on Saturday and as this thread notes, there have been alot of personnel changes already. Expect to hear Frank Sinatra singing “MY Way” when team enters stadium next fall.

Updated number: It’s not 44 players who have entered the portal at CU since Prime was hired. It’s 46.

David Ubben reached out to some of the now-ex-Buffs who are leaving.

Looks like he has been taking lessons from Muss.