Deion Malone

Still with the team?

Yes, I saw him two days ago and confirmed he’s still with the team this morning. Just not in the picture to play.

Seems to be a major miss evaluation. You don’t recruit Juco players to come sit and watch.

That’s true, but on the flip side, Johnny Gibson and Ty Clary appear to be positive miss evaluations. Overall I’m excited about this O-Line. Says a lot that Raulerson can’t crack the starting lineup.

The former longhorn has had some busted assignments when he played last year. We need depth!
Clary in the 2 deep is a suprise but if he is good enough turn him loose.
We won’t know much about this line until we get in the Texas A&M game

Last year’s OL class of Ramirez, Malone and Heinrich (who we haven’t heard about since signing day). Woof.

Good question–what has happened to Heinrich?

Heinrich worked with the third team at guard during fall camp. Just a redshirt freshman, so even though he’s not in the picture at the moment, he still has time.

I’m of the opinion that Ramirez and Malone were brought in with hopes of coaching them up yet comfortable with them providing depth after Kirkland left. I am not the least bit worried about Heinrich because he has the tools as a RS FR.