Deion Malone moved to Def Line

This is good news to a degree since he wasn’t going to play on the Oline. We need some bodies at NG and he is certainly big with decent foot speed.

we’ll see. It wouldn’t take much to exceed by expectations for him… Hope he can contribute next year after Bijon completes his eligibilty or is this his last year

He’s a junior. Posted in the game thread that he was wearing No. 99 against FAMU, but forgot to follow up on it.

Maybe it will help. He sure wasn’t going to see action on the Oline.
I would like to see everyone get a chance to contribute but we all know that doesn’t happen.
But it important to realize it takes a lot of players to scrimmage and practice so in that regard everyone is important

Word on the street is that he has also changed his name. To Deline Malone.

You would have been great on Hee-Haw with your corny jokes. :smiley:

He is going to be valuable against run heavy teams over the next 2 years. He will earn his scholarship against LSU and Bama. The HUNH may be tough for him with Misstake, AU, and A&M even though they run the ball a lot. We will see what his conditioning is like after a few weeks.

If it doesn’t work out, he will be pretty close to graduating and could transfer to a place where he could play.

Would that give us an extra scholarship for this signing class?