Deion Malone injury

Chad Morris said today that Deion Malone suffered a knee injury in practice and will miss the season. That leaves Arkansas with 11 available scholarship linemen, counting Dylan Hays and Jalen Merrick, who have been battling injuries this preseason.


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Morris also said he hopes to have Jalen Merrick practicing in the next few days. If not, then early next week. He was experiencing some headaches throughout the summer and they are doing some cautionary things and getting those checked out, Morris added.

I feel horrible for Deion. Looked like was finally going to have an opportunity to play. Looks like this will be the year the injury plague targets our O-line. Doubt seriously he will be the last to go down.

wow the hits just keep on coming for an already weak OL and we haven’t even put on pads yet! not good.

All we can do as fans is give our total support to the young men left on the offensive line! GHG!

Might have to take a look at Austin Capps on OL with Malone out

None of the defensive coaches have indicated Capps won’t be in the rotation on the interior DL. He has played a lot of DL the last couple of years, and he did make 22 tackles last year, which is not bad for a rotating DT/NG. I just don’t understand the idea of giving up on Capps as a DL.

You would be asking a guy who is a junior to start playing OL for the first time in college with about two weeks of fall practice left. It would be silly to expect him to move over and start on the OL at this point. If you are not gong to start him the move makes no sense at all, you’d be robbing your DT rotation to fill in another reserve OL spot.