Defensive strategy

How often did we bring more than four at the frosh QB? The broadcast team seemed to believe that we were playing primarily bend-but-don’t-break. However, we gave up 500 yards, 50 points, and a ton of big plays. I’m not a fan in general of passive defense, especially when playing a frosh QB. Perhaps their protection made our defense look passive, though. Alternative strategies have the advantage of not having been shown to fail. It may be that we just didn’t have the athleticism to hang with their skill players, but I would have preferred a more dedicated attempt to make life uncomfortable for Mond.

I think we saw the true colors of the Defense today. We go gashed all day, by a true freshman.

The Defense may be improved, but they are still bad.

The DL needs some help.

Team is patient they can get 3 to 5 yards a pop against this defense. It is designed not to give up big plays yet we got gashed all day long. Tcu gave every other team the template. We’re just not good. All there is to it. Eugene didn’t have a good game at all. We rarely blitzed yet still gave up the big play. Expect this all year long unless some philosophy changes are made.