Defensive stop rate: Hogs #49

Stop rate is the efficiency of a defense getting off the field through punt, turnover or fourth-down stop. It can be a better measure of your D than yards or points per game, given the up-tempo nature of modern football.

Georgia, to no one’s surprise, led the nation in stop rate at 83%, according to The Athletic. Clemson was second at 80%, which has been consistent for them under Brent Venables the last few years. We beat two of the top 10 stop rates: A&M (6th) and Penn State (7th).

Playoff teams: Georgia 1st, Michigan 8th, Cincy 9th, Bama 19th.

Our stop rate was 66.7%, which was 49th in the country and sixth in the SEC. Bama’s stop rate in 19th was 71.7%, not that much better than ours (we’re much closer to them than they are to Georgia).

Other teams that beat us: Auburn was 52nd at 66%, the Flopnecks were 55th at 65.7%.

Worst stop rate in FBS? Kansas at 40%. And they still beat Texass :rofl: TCU was 127th which may explain why Gary Patterson is unemployed.

Seemed like Alabama improved as the season progressed. I have nothing to point to except their last four games (after Arkansas).

They gave up 29 to offensively challenged Florida, 21 to OM and 24 to Tennessee before us. But our 35 was the most they allowed.

We were a totally different defense once we became more aggressive in my opinion… hopefully we will mix it up like that a lot more next yr. I don’t think any quarterback likes to see people in his face most of the game

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