Defensive staff

It doesn’t sound like there will be an announcement tonight on the rest of the defensive staff. Maybe tomorrow.

Ur thoughts on Tim Joseph?

Ron Cooper’s twitter page has been updated and it says he is the defensive backs coach at the University of Arkansas. Steve Caldwell’s now has a profile pic of him in Razorback attire.

The publisher of a UNLV football site is saying on Twitter that he’s been told that Tim Skipper, who he thought was a leading candidate to be UNLV’s DC, will be on Arkansas’ staff.

Why would Chavis hire a lb coach when he does that?

Marcm, at least you and I know that Toseph would be the best guy they could get to coach the corners and recruit Louisiana.

Good question and don’t know… do like that he has New Orleans recruiting experience. We need to keep working that area.

Yes sir, my first choice. Ur sure right abt recruiting Louisiana and definitely a good secondary coach.

Read he coaches LBS AND RBS. Don’t know about CBS

Research shows skipper is so good they call him the handy man,

I like!!

Tim Skipper’s Background: Before Florida

2001 Western New Mexico // Secondary

2002 Western New Mexico // Defensive Coordinator/Secondary

2003 Sacramento State // Secondary

2004-05 Sacramento State // Defensive Coordinator/Secondary

2006-08 Fresno State // Running Backs

2009-11 Fresno State // Linebackers/Run Defense Coordinator

2012-13 Colorado State // Linebackers