Defensive staff hired

Steve Caldwell, Defensive Line
Ron Cooper, Secondary
John Scott Jr., Defensive Line
Mark Smith, Secondary

John Scott is so connected to the former staff’s Defense (in my mind) that I was hoping for a fresh start with a gifted recruiter.

I am willing to give the guy a opportunity to prove my and other anxiety wrong!! #WPS

Was hoping for a skipper, joseph and/or trooper taylor hire for the other DB job. gotta hope Mark Smith can make special teams better and can recruit. The Offensive staff in the QB position, WR and OL positions are awful young. Hope they can recruit.

It appears this is a more specific breakdown of responsibilities:

Caldwell - Defensive Ends
Scott - Defensive Tackles (also will have an expanded role on special teams)
Smith - Cornerbacks (also will serve as on-field director of recruiting)
Cooper - Safeties

I can see your point, but I disagree. First, he was only on the last staff for a year so I don’t think he’s as entrenched as some of the others might have been. Second, he has done a good job recruiting the Georgia area. Mincey is an example. Got others from that area interested. It appears that we have a lot of great recruiters for Texas as well as other states in the region. Someone who has connections in Georgia and Florida is a good fit.

I whole heatedly agree!