Defensive staff hinting at bringing pressure more often

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What do they have to lose by bringing more people to rush? We routinely give up 500 yards and 40-50 points per game to a good opponent by rushing only the front 4( this year the front 3). We rush 3 drop 8 and still can’t cover anybody.
We routinely have 3 guys in the area of the receiver, but nobody breaking up a pass. It is bizarro world in the world of pass defense.

Why don’t they try to put pressure every time in passing situations like the NFL just to see how we do? Can we do worse than we currently do? I doubt it. Can we please try that one game…just one…please?

We have had a problem getting pressure on QBs for the past 17 games, to a certain degree. From listening to the defensive staff speak about last week, they didn’t think they could get to that QB, from what I gathered, because of his deep (or unconventional) drops and quick release. But apparently this week they do. Not 100% sure, but that’s what I thought I heard them say.

I consider this statement just talk!
I’ve heard all the talk I want to hear !

They had a chance to rattle a freshman QB when we played A&M But were to conservative. Last week they were also too conservative. The only thing I want to see it on the field. If they give tha Chickens QB all day to throw it will be a long day. Pressure will bust a pipe!
Play to stop the opponent and pressure on the QB is part of that.

I wouldn’t be surprised to see a lot of screens and draws early to slow down the expected rush.

Well I will say this what ever my plan would be for a game I sure would not tell my opponent. Once the game starts the Chickens will be able to look at the defense and see exactly what’s coming. Changing looks and moving personnel around is a good idea. Something we rarely do.