Defensive secondary

We need help at defensive secondary and that should be our number 1 recruiting priority for this year. It is a problem every single game!


Need big guys up front for pressure. Die on sanders would get killed in this defense

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Totally agree.

Thought the secondary was Odom’s forte. I hope I am wrong, because three years into his tenure, the evidence ain’t that compelling.

Well with 3 former walk ons and a couple of 2 stars I think he is doing what he can

pike came and he be gone…

With Cat out, Slusher slowed by injury, & 2 of our top players on defense transferred to LSU, not much quality experience & depth behind the defensive line. Can’t expect Bumper to cover it all & plug all of the holes. In the meantime, Bama is deep in speed, size, & talent that they used well to exploit our tired & depleted secondary.

Yep you can’t win the Kentucky Derby with a mule. You can hire the best mule coach in the history of the world but the first time he races a horse he will get embarrassed that is exactly what is happening right now to our defense. Simply not enough athleticism or talent on that side of the ball I don’t give a crap who’s coaching them.


Yep, but when you get beat in the Derby don’t load him later and head to the Preakness on race day. It’s imperative that changes be made in our schemes. WPS

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Agree, Youda, and it’s a little troubling that we are in year 3, and still playing sooooo many Chad Morris players. Our only upgrades are slusher and transfers.


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