Defensive scheme question

Jeff, correct me if I’m wrong again but it seems like, in two games, we had three linemen rush on obvious passing downs, thus giving time for the QB to fix and eat a sandwich before he contemplated passing. Did we do that a great deal last year?

It’s worked for two games. I’m not complaining, but I get a little nervous thinking this will be our scheme in future games against much better QBs and WRs.

Obviously not Jeff, but if the three can keep the qb from doing any running, we’re got 8 guys against their 5 receivers. It seemed to me they would’ve started rolling the qb out to force us to commit more guys to playing run, but they never really seemed to.

They did that for 10 games last year. Not as much last week. For sure, that was plan this game. Fred, you are not reading or paying attention. Too many splash downs water skiing?

They changed fronts and sent more than 3 a lot. That’s how we beat the passing attack of Ole Miss last year.

They sent 4, 5 and 6 early. Not in second half.

Odom used only one DL on several plays in second half.

We did Rush only three quite a bit Saturday night and it worked out okay.We stayed with that quite a bit because we knew they were behind big and had to throw…my concern with that in the future is the better running teams are going to be able to move the ball against that if we stay with the 3-2-6 alignment.I trust Odom to be able to adjust and go to a four-man front when he needs to but it wasn’t broke Saturday night so he wasn’t going to try to fix it or did he need to.

And that was my point. If we employ the three man front in SEC competition, things may not work out so well.

Odom has a little experience calling defenses against SEC offenses, Fred. I think he knows what he’s doing.

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Fred, you made a point?


That’s my point, Clay. I verbalize, you cajole, Jeff hammers, and then some good fellow will understand my issue and answer the question—all without feeling superior.

I’m anxious to see if when we play OM and Bama we’ll rush three while the QB has his lunch and our DBs and LBs struggle covering their area or man

They will play some 4-man fronts. They did in week one. They brought 4, 5 and 6 in the first half against Texas but not with a big lead. Fred, do you watch the game?

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Yep, I was at each game. I watched while the QB finished his sandwich and our guys were trying to cover and our three man front was basically tied up with 5 OL, trying to get free. Very frustrating. Folks around me were saying “go get the QB!!”.

You sure you watched the game? How come you didn’t see this, repeatedly? Oh, yeah, I saw the 4 thru 6 men fronts, but I’m not speaking about them obviously. I’m thinking the OM QB will absolutely KILL us with that much time to pick us apart. Recall in the game which maybe you didn’t see so well, that Texas threw several passes downfield that were missthrown. OM, Bama, and other SEC teams will not do that. They’ll connect. But as Jeff counters, our OC will outthink that and be well prepared.

Next time I see an opposing QB have 6-8 seconds to casually watch downfield, I’ll be thinking “Clay thinks I should have my eyes closed rite now and not see the obvious and then ask why later.”

I’m messing with you. I really do read your posts. I think we did cover this in another thread.

I do not think they will pressure with a big lead.

Texas scored 21. The first TD was a product of a short field because of a turnover. The rest were in mop-up time when we were happy to let them bleed the clock. They struggled so badly they pulled their QB in the 3rd quarter of Week 2.

How anyone can repeatedly take issue with what we did Saturday night, defensively, is absolutely beyond me.

Noto—You won’t find anywhere that I complained about our performance, so please don’t put words in my mouth. Rather, I asked for clarification as to why this scheme (shown in two games thus far) won’t get us in trouble with SEC foes. Six to eight seconds for the QB to look over his receivers will wear us out and lead to success on deep routes.

Six to eight seconds is helter skelter time. The die has been cast already for deep routes and the ball should have been thrown if the route and coverage is favorable. If not, the routes have broken off and receivers are coming back or crossing, the QB is scrambling. All bets are off. Best case for the defense is complete containment and a coverage sack.

IMO tuschawg, without trying to upset you or anyone else that feels/thinks the same way that you do on this subject…
First off— Our defense played a big roll in us winning saturday night, Kudos to Odom.
Secondly-Odom’s success ratio/m.o. is in his ability to adapt & adjust when it’s needed.
If you’re overly concerned(and it really sounds as though you are) about what our defensive scheme will entail against om and bama, try to sit back,relax and enjoy where we are right now and try to enjoy these games coming up against ga southern then atm then ga, awbie etc… give him time, friend. I think he knows what he’s doing but no one else does.

Wasn’t try to rain on anyone’s parade here and hopefully you won’t see it as such.
Just viewing things from a different perspective.