Defensive Recruiting

I refuse to believe that a certain walk-on is our best option at DB!

I refuse to believe our very capable defensive coordinator and secondary coach would be playing a player they believe to be less capable than one they have on the sideline. There is information they have to weigh that we are not privy to. Injuries, bad chemistry, bad attitude, open defiance that is not made public. You don’t even know what you don’t know. Their jobs and future opportunities are on the line.

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Maybe they’re afraid to “ruin a young DBs confidence” by taking a learn on the job approach.
That is the only reason I could see as to why they continue to trot that walk-on out on the field.
Other than that, our “very capable” staff must be doing a terrible job at evaluating and signing talent if there isn’t a better DB currently on the roster.

Or, the walkon plays better than the other talent? Clark played last week as Bishop was out with a hamstring issue, Bishop and Brown ran first team corners during practice this week. As to the other secondary guys, most are more safety types that we’ve recruited, Johnson and Gordon are your back up corners to the 3 mentioned above.

we appear to have one solid SEC corner, and he’s a senior. we have one all-america safety, and he’s out for the year. LBers are covering the run well-there are lots of holes in our zone defense (given that the qb has 10 seconds to find a hole), and I can’t tell if that is a LB problem or not.

But Nix had all day to throw. zero sacks and ZERO QB HURRIES?!?!? that says a lot.

I don’t know the answers, but there’s clearly a problem when 4th and 1 is a tremendous challenge for our offense, tehn our D gives up about 80% of those plays.

gotta recruit and recruit and recruit.



As noted here awhile back, Arkansas is in contact with several committed prospects, including DL. We’ve mentioned Curlee Thomas, who’s committed to Cal. There at least another committed DL in communication with Arkansas.

When you can’t even make the opposing QB hurry passes, and he is a competent SEC QB, your secondary will get burned.


I think until we start stockpiling DL that are high quality players we won’t see our defense take off like we want it to. I don’t really see any that fit that category out of our current commits I could be wrong but I’m not sure we have any. I love two of the linebackers were bringing anything they are impact players but we have to start getting DL in here that are real playmakers.

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And we have to replace our top two DL from this year after the season ends. Let’s hope the portal is really good to us again.

HS 4-star recruits- Zach Wiliams, Mataio Soli, Eric Gregory, Jashaud Stewart

Former Hogs Collin Clay and Blayne Toll were 4 stars.

The hit/miss rate on them is too high for Arkansas, we need our 4*’s to have a higher “hit” rate.

Is Soli hurt again? I don’t recall seeing him playing or even on the sidelines last Saturday.

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But none have played like four star recruits I do like Stewart and I do like Williams I think they can get there but we’ve got to have some guys start coming in here and being high impact players immediately. We can’t continue to be ran over up front because it puts too much pressure on the defense. This is JMO but the great defenses I see are all very very good up front.

Agree 100% on the importance of the defensive front. Most important part of the D.

Zach could be a RS soph but had to play as a freshman.

I really like Zach Williams he plays exceptionally hard.He just has to get a Little bit stronger somehow get even a little bit more explosive but I will never fault the kids’ effort he goes 110 on every play… I see the same thing with Stewart who gives maximum effort all the time. It’s very hard to get high high impact DL because unfortunately they all go to Bama Georgia Clemson etc but somehow we’ve got to recruit high level players and get them to play at a high levels very quickly. I’m not sure about our strength and conditioning to be honest… I hear good things but I don’t see guys like Carter,Gregory,Soli making any kind of impact at all so I’m not quite sure I’m sold on SC right now.

Things appear to be heating up with Curle Thomas. I think an OV could happen.


could not find any info on him can you give some info thanks

Glad to hear that. DE is quickly becoming the most important position to recruit with all of the passing offenses in football. I wish we could recruit or portal transfer 2 per recruiting class.

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