Defensive question?

Why don’t we play with type of passion on defense all the time, fouls?

Refs dictate our ability to be aggressive the majority of the time. A great pg dictates it the other times. So if a team has great guard play and refs are calling it tight, our defense will struggle. If neither (as with LSU and Bama) you get what happened in those games. The majority of the games are somewhere in the middle.

The team doesn’t always play with as much as energy as it should. Of course, no team does over the entire season, but we also adjust to the opponent’s strengths. CMA has at times purposely played more passively on D against strong perimeter teams like at Vandy. We’ve had some good defensive performances employing that strategy, especially on the road. However, at times we seem to get caught in the middle of not applying much pressure but not denying shots or boards efficiently either. Hence, our defensive ranking. We’re generally more aggressive at home, but that hasn’t always worked well either. Our O has been better when the pace is high. At home I’ll speculate that CMA is willing to sacrifice some optimization of the defense to get the pace to the liking of the offense. Sometimes you just run into a buzzsaw, too.