Defensive line

Was looking at the returnees competing for playing time next year and it seems we have a pretty large number of players for the interior positions, albeit most have either not seen the field or have had limited playing time. I am curious as to who might make moves to be contributors next year. Of course Nichols played a lot, but if his weight is correct, he is a bit light for a tackle. I know Miller and Carter both played a little, but I am not sure we saw enough of them to know exactly what to expect from them. Fulwinder and Jackson will both be in their third year, without much on-field time and Boykin will enter his second season, so he might be one getting ready to make his move.

All three recruits seem destined to be interior linemen and I would think that Williams is expected to be ready to play next season. With Gerald coming back and the hopes of having Coates back, we have a start at the edge positions, but the reserves are all on the smaller side, especially for three man front alignments. I know that Coach Pittman is looking for someone here, and it seems a necessary hole to plug.

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Enoch Jackson will be ready next year, Nichols filled out a bunch and snached the starting spot from Kelley.

Nichols is the best of those you mentioned. There is also hope for Miller. I liked what I saw of him in the LSU game. I’d be surprised if Jaylin Williams doesn’t figure in the mix inside, too.

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I’m not surprised that Xavier is going “to the draft”, but he couldn’t start for a 3-7 sec team. I’m not being mean, but those are the facts.

Gerald has a chance to be good, glad he’s back. We will sure miss Marshall, but we seem to have a good crew to fill in, Coates would be a wonderful bonus. Then we return our LBers, most of our secondary and increased depth, should be better next year

I like what I see of Eric Gregory and Isaiah Nichols. Both are high motor guys with ability to run.

I agree on both and really like the physical tools that Coates possesses, just looking to see who else appears ready. I think this year we saw where we lacked some depth at key times during the season. With so many RPO and tempo offenses, being two deep is critical.
Hopefully we get a healthy season from Gerald and some of the youngsters like Boykin, Miller and others are ready and Williams is who we think he can be.

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