Defensive Line & Running Backs Coaches

Tray Scott, DL and Dell McGee RB are two Georgia assistants still coaching and I am wondering what the odds are that either are headed to Arkansas. Scott who I believe went to Georgia from Arkansas is a good DL coach and he landed his first 5-star recruit in 2019 and is apparently in on multiple Georgia DL prospects in the 2020 class which is considered to be very strong. Dell McGee is the running backs coach and the running back position has a ton of depth in the 2020 Georgia class as well.

Most recent salary information that I could find had McGee making $ 550,000 and Scott making $ 420,000. Georgia stole Pittman from Arkansas so maybe it is time to return the favor?

Anyone got any updates on who Arkansas may have in place.


Tray Scott grew up in Crossett, went to Arkansas Tech, coached at Tech, ASWho (I’ll call them whatever I darn well please, troll), Ole Miss, Tenn-Martin and North Carolina before joining the Georgia staff.

I have heard Tray Scott’s name mentioned as a possibility since Pittman was hired. It would seem like an odd career move unless there was a substantial raise or additional job title to go along with it.

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Ding ding, Matt has just rung the bell. Opportunity for advancement is higher at UGA than in Fayetteville for many years to come. Salary match is not enough, gotta make a family thought out career move. Regrets will be easily found and it is not just Tray Scott the man who has to be factored in. Is Fayetteville a place that a kid from deep south Arkansas is focused on while growing up? I knew (albeit older) a few folks who were more attracted to LSU and even Ole Miss from the deep delta during my dad’s time growing up… Drinkowitz would have sucked for us despite his Alma/Springdale links, indeed would have been a negative factor for his thinking process to coaching Arkansas.

I absolutely would love to have Frank Wilson and Tray Scott and call it a grand slam staff. May happen, dang the dead period and the secrecy surrounding because it is radio silence.

I cannot get in his head but Tray Scott may want to get back to Arkansas for whatever reason. Maybe he likes Pittman, maybe he wants to be closer to family or maybe he wants a new challenge. I think the RB position is going to be someone that has been in the Briles circle of contacts like the Cooper hire was. I think Briles was responsible for the Cooper hire and I think he will get his pick for a RB coach and they are obviously still coaching or they would have been announced.

McGee makes $650k and Scott makes $470K now. They aren’t coming, nor is Frank Wilson, according to people who know of the hires.

Never thought McGee was a possibility but surprised that Scott is not. Do you have a guess as to possibilities?

Scott still wouldn’t surprise me. No 2 coaches understand better how important both lines are to winning football than Pittman and Odom. We gave Davis (OL) a huge raise ($400 to $550) to get him. I could see us offering Scott a similar $ raise to get him from GA. $600 to $650 would probably get him.

Watch for Tulsa RB coach Justin Hill coach - very familiar with Veer and Shoot scheme as is new TE coach Jon Cooper which should help with the transition process.

What does anyone know about Craig Kuligowski?

Pretty impressive resume. Fifteen years at Mizzou under Gary Pinkel. Then to Miami where he was AHC as well as DL coach. One year at Bama where he again was AHC/DL; he had been a player at Toledo under Saban. Fired last February at Bama, didn’t coach anywhere this season.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

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Craig Kuligowski is very good defensive line coach and good recruiter too.

Very successful career up until Clemson embarrassed Alabama resulting in Saban dismissing several assistants Wonder if Saban fires everyone after missing playoffs this year?

Reading the article and comments seem to indicate he does not
like to recruit.

I read the opposite but one thing for certain is that Odom would know but I do not think this is the guy because it seems like the announcement would have already been made. Seems likely it is someone still coaching.

I would agree. Whoever we’re getting is either still working or it’s a very closely kept secret. Jon Cooper isn’t confirmed but it leaked out and his Twitter page is offering clues.

Yeah, since the header says University of Arkansas Tight End Coach.

Jimmy Smith another name to watch at RB coach based on decent twitter activity. Georgia State RB coach and prior to that a very successful Atlanta area HS coach.

Didn’t say that yesterday but he did add #WPS hashtag.