Defensive line roundtable

Defensive line roundtable with Clay, Matt, Bob, Tom and myself: … sive-line/

wow I sure hope we can do better than 4 yds a carry.won’t take long to get 1st downs that way…I am concerned about DT stopping the inside runs but since we are a not read and reacting it may help us get in the backfield better.This is the key to our defense IMO we have to stop the run!

My big concern is these guys having to play so many snaps with very little rest. Do do this, your number 2 unit better be very, very good. Is that true with this group? This is pretty much the same group that let Coastal Carolina and everybody else go up and down the field like they were playing against air.

Coastal Carolina only gained 361 yards. That’s not great, but it’s also not Auburn gaining 629. CCU got a scoop and score and a very short field after a shanked punt, so that’s 14 cheap points. And, crucially, they didn’t make a first down in the last 12 minutes.

As they stated Pulley coming back along with some improved CB’s will allow Chief to use more press man coverage. It is going to provide some coverage time to allow the Dline to get sacks. The recent 7-10 yard cushions allowed the other QB to get rid of the ball super quick so that our Dline never had the time to get to the QB.