Defensive line opening

I’m told that Rory Segrest is out as defensive line coach at Arkansas. I think most have been expecting this. The official announcement might not come for another couple of days, but I expect it soon.

It is important to get the staff mix right, if the Hogs are going to change schemes.

He was not in attendance last night at Signing in the Rock

I am glad we are changing defensive alignments, but I am afraid Segrest may be taking a lot of blame for Robb’s Def scheme. I’ve posted multiple times that our freakish athletic Def Lineman like Agim, Ledbetter, and Wise were misused as Gap pluggers. It was evident how much it held them back when CBB forced a change to allow them to attack for the bowl game as all 3 players blew up in the first half.

I think Segrest may be a decent Dline coach but he’s not as bad as characterized this year. My one beef with Segrest is that I never felt he was a great recruiter for us. He played at Bama so that should open some doors in that part of the world. Partridge appears to be the guy to fill the role, and that could be very productive in coaching AND recruiting.