Defensive line making plays, looking the part in fall camp

A look at Arkansas’ defensive line play through Day 5 of fall camp and who stood out during live work on Wednesday: … fall-camp/

was Sosa running over the first OL or the backups?

I feel like Groundhog Day…we’ve read this before, lol.

It’s ones against ones in most situations. That’s the way Morris operates. He calls it good on good. Depth in the offensive line is one of the major issues so far. Shane Clenin and Hjalte Froholdt are splitting time between guard and center with the ones. Dylan Hays is the first team center, but is out with a sore back. He should be back later this week.

I’m excited about Armon Watts. I knew John Chavis liked him in the spring. Watts is finally healthy. I believe his major issue in the past was with a thyroid problem, also some issues with his knees. But he’s a beast. Has the length they like in the line. He’s 6-5, 298 with long arms. When you see guys like Watts and Jamario Bell, there is suddenly some length there. In an attacking scheme, that length can be an asset.

There seems to be more options this year to hit or miss on

Another guy that really looks the part is Nick Fulwider, who looks like what an NFL defensive end should look like physically

We report what we see - which obviously is not a whole lot in the first 20 minutes of the practices.

Then you can be either cautiously optimistic, cautiously pessimistic or somewhere in the middle

Well it’s Early and with all the bouncing around we’re doing I’m pretty sure there were several missed assignments.

Fry has his hands full for sure. Not much proven Talent and then on top of that several injuries

Oh, I’m a fan, which makes me a fanatic, but the last few falls have started off with the DL wrecking havoc for the offense, which in the end meant our OL was struggling. But, give me another glass of Kool-Aid, I’m thirsty.