Defensive line coach

It seems that Coach Morris is doing a pretty good job of keeping a lid on this process. While there has been speculation, it does not appear linked to the actual search. Football Scoop which generally reports/speculates on openings has been real quiet as well.

I have been checking this board and every other one for just crumbs of hints and nothing…so yes no loose lips to be found!

I hear Belemia is looking for a defensive position. :o :lol:

Richard is the NFL guy still in play.

CBB would not do anything positive! More loud music and bad attitudes to the locker room. Bad joke.

And flip flops-:upside_down_face:

No, no, didn’t you hear? The most dominant dynasty in NFL history is going to upgrade him from Bills personal assistant to the defensive coordinator!

Oh wait…

Lol, but, yeah I’m sure he is looking for one, I’m sorry to whoever it is that gets him.

If chad ever made that colossal of a mistake he should be fired that minute.

This Bielema bashing makes my heart so happy… carry on boys!

My sincerest apologies for bringing this up. Appears my post had the same response as the recess bell at the primary school!

Not the one I was thinking.

Richard is the new NFL coach a full time assistant not what Anderson was

Not following. Would makes sense that Chavis and Caldwell would have some kind of a background with the new hire.

My bad on Belemia…is there anything official on Ingram.

He’s changed his twitter profile to say he’s the DT coach at the University of Arkansas.

Nothing will be officially announced until the paperwork is finished. I believe they are in the process of doing that now.

? Matt
Do you think CCM could be reworking the contract of a couple of assistant coaches, being the reason it is taking so long to announce Coach Ingram hire?

This is certainly taking a long time if you ask me…sheesh.

I don’t think other contract negotiations, if they are happening, would delay hiring paperwork.

Ingram reportedly accepted the job Friday. The UA business office is closed on the weekends and might have been closed yesterday with it being a federal holiday; not sure. It typically takes a couple of days to finalize employment paperwork, so I suspect the official announcement will come in the next day or so.

The hire is done. All that’s left is to cross some Ts and dot some Is and send a press release telling us what we already know.

Ingram’s hire has been made official.