Defensive HC needed!!!!!

Whomever we get as a new HC, he better have a great defensive background! IMO, we will never truly compete for SEC championships without a physical SEC caliber defense!
Petrino, (spit), proved a great exciting offense can score a lot of points, but his lack of defensive emphasis couldn’t compliment that offensive success.
I would like a HC that has been successful at offense and defense, but I would prefer a HC that can build a SEC defense and hire an a good exciting, innovative minded OC. I don’t really know who that would be, but there have been some defensive minded HC names thrown around.
What say you?

We just had a defensive HC, Bret.

I don’t think it really matters the philosophy of the HC, it matters the coordinators he hires, and assistants.

Give me a good HC with great coordinators and assistants.

Maybe so, but just because he came in as a defensive minded coach, that hasn’t proven to be the case.

Venables comes to mind.

Charlie Strong!!!

Go get him. I am curious as to why he’s not being mentioned.

Must have missed his last gig at Texas.

Or Dudley stating that he doesn’t believe Strong is interested in coaching at Arkansas in any capacity.

I don’t think it matters. What does matter is that the head coach can hire great assistants. If he’s got an offensive background, he has to hire great defensive coaches and be able to identify and close the deal to get them to come to Fayetteville. If he’s got a defensive background, the opposite is true. Hire top offensive assistants.

They better be able to recruit and coach. And, you can say it the other way, they better be able to coach and recruit. Some will say just recruit. Tuberville said two men can coach the team and the other seven or eight (counting head coach) better all be top recruiters, not one weak one on the staff.

I also say you better understand that Texas is a great asset in recruiting. You don’t have to have Texas ties. Bobby Allen and Jim Washburn had zero and yet they won many great recruiting battles in East Texas. So recruiters win anywhere you put them, although old relationships are never a bad thing.

Nice reply, Clay!