Defensive Focus

How many people believe that if CBB decided to fully focus on defense, particularly the secondary, that we would see great improvement?
What we have seen and heard since he got to The Hill is that he loves dominating offensive lines, he loves to run the ball and he loves to throw to the tight ends. So is it any surprise that the team is known nationally for its O-line, its RBs and its TEs and CBB and staff can recruit those positions on a national level?
Because of this, I think it is reasonable to think that if CBB decided that he loves big, smart, fast and tough defensive backfields that within a season or two that area would become greatly improved.
The saying you are good at what you focus on appears to strongly apply here. It is time to focus on the defense if we want to join the big boys at the top of the SEC.

I think CBB has put a lot of emphasis on defensive recruiting, he knew early on here that he needed defensive talent in this league. Maybe some recruits haven’t panned out on that side of the ball yet, I think they have recruited better there lately, we’ll see. But don’t forget you still have to maintain the other side of the ball with recruiting as well.
Doesn’t leave much room for error at this stage.

I agree, but he has also taken once considered promising LBs, Cantrell and Jackson, and put them on offense. He did the same with Froholdt and Bell. Perhaps there have been offensive players that could have helped the defense, like Pettway for example, if the same emphasis were put on the D.
Much time is spent on the board placing blame. I wish more were spent on analysis and the discussion of it.
I am not suggesting CBB has no interest in the defense. We know that is not true. But he certainly has gotten more attention for his interest in the 3 areas I listed above. And we are nationally known in those areas.
Just offering a possible solution and hope for the future.

Cantrell was recruited as a TE/HB, Jackson doesn’t have the foot speed for a LB and was buried on the depth chart, so I don’t see it as putting more focus on defense, but putting players where they think they can contribute.

Why was Jackson recruited if he doesn’t have foot speed?


Why was Jackson recruited if he doesn’t have foot speed?
[/quote]Since he has been a major contributor at Fullback (a position of need both his freshman and soph years), is it really a problem that he did not work into the linebacker rotation?

Why in the hell do you need great defenses in the SEC? That’s easy to answer. Because of the great offenses. So, just say Arkansas needs both, don’t act like they only need bigger, faster defenders.