Defensive cooridinator thoughts........................


  1. Chad Morris has the defensive coordinator already lined up and ready to announce as soon as his team is finished with their season which means it is probably Venables = home run hire.
  2. Chad has been actively negotiating with several defensive coordinator’s agents and has mutual interest established with several but is waiting until after their seasons end to do the face to face interviewing process for each side to make its final decision.
  3. _________________________________________________________________________________You fill in the blank.

for #3 you are dreaming

I do not believe it is going to be Brent Venables. I do think Chavis is in play, still.

I continue to wonder what reason would Venables leave a great defense at Clemson to come to Arkansas - unless it was as head coach.

I keep thinking about the rumor that, when Morris was briefly a candidate for the A&M job, Venables was part of a package deal. They are close and both are very close to Dabo, so anything like this in the works, would not be announced until after Clemson had made its run for another national championship. My only hope for Venables is he may want to prove his case closer to his home if he wants to end up at Kansas State as a head coach someday. I know that is a slim hope but I like it.

Dreaming is fun…& free

Clay, I’m hearing Bob Trott. I’ve never heard of him, so I looked him up. He is the DC at JMU. They held their opponents to 9 pts a game this year, and are playing NDSU for the FCS NC. Apparently he was here and coached Atwater back in the 80’s.

Have you heard anything about this guy? I haven’t seen any of the news guys say any name but Chavis. I’m sure there are names we haven’t heard, can you or one of the others give the legitimate number of names you’ve heard?

In my opinion

#1. Coach Morris has vetted candidates that have either interviewed or maintained communication via 3rd party.

#2. He has a favorite but the upcoming “BOWL RESULT” may also influence a final decision.

#3. None of the candidates have been informed that the job as the Defensive Coordinator is solidified.

#4. Chavis has the edge due to the same familiarity as Coach Morris to the Texas H.S. coaches but is not a lock.

  • My personal preference would be the best Defensive Coordinator in the PAC-12 and top #5 Defense in the Country and who’s recruiting classes mirror Beliema the past few yrs.

I can only imagine what could be accomplished with Texas size & speed coupled with top 100 talent.

Lastly if Chavis is chosen he is still a top #20-25 Defensive Coordinator and the UofA would improve by leaps and bounds in aggressiveness (t/o ratio, sacks & pts allowed)

Once again:
Best Defensive Coordinators:
Kirby Smart is now the HC at Georgia
Pruitt is now the HC at Tennessee

SO who is left???
Based on points allowed per game:
#1 Brent Venables is the best 12.8 Will he leave Clemson to come to Arkansas? $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  1. Wisconsin’s Jim Leonhard 13.2 Hire a coach from Wisconsin?

  2. Mel Tucker, Georgia 13.2 Kirby’s understudy. Leave Georgia to come to Arkansas?

  3. Bud Foster 13.5 ain’t leavin’ VA Tech

  4. Pete Kwiatkowski 14.5 at Washington. The great Northwest for the SEC? No

  5. Brent Pry Penn State 15.5 Leave Beaver Stadium to be a Hog? Probably not.

  6. UT- San Antonio’s Pete Golding 17.0. He gone. Hello Alabama $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  7. Fresno St. Orlondo Steinauer 17.2 Not exactly the SEC.

  8. Kevin Steele Auburn 17.3 Try to hire a coach from Auburn? What?

  9. Troy’s Vic Koening 17.5 Troy that’s in Alabama!

  10. Chad Glasgow TCU 17.6 First name Chad. TCU like SMU. Interesting

82 Texas A&M John Chavis 28.7 Just sayin’ !!! Long way from Best.

Glasgow would be good for Arkansas. Gary Patterson disciple. Good recruiter for Texas and Oklahoma.

I like Glasgow. Their season is done. Let’s hire him!

TCU plays Stanford Thursday night in the Valero Bowl. The announcement of Glasgow as defensive coordinator could come soon after that.

He’s not leaving TCU…I think Chavis will be just fine.

Coach Patterson calls the defense at TCU.

It is not Venables. IF all of the buyout money is worked out, Chavis will be here. John Scott has the chance to be retained as the DL coach.

Bob Trott, who was mentioned by someone earlier is a former Hatfield hire that was DC after Fred Goldsmith left here I believe. Followed Hatfield to Clemson. He, like Chavis, are older. Of the two, you have Chavis because of relationships and name recognition in Louisiana, texas and SEC territory.

I would like for him to go speak to Oklahoma St. DC. or David Gibbs at Tech.

Is this guy credible? Or is this a fake twitter account?

Jeff Rickard

According to sources John Chavis will be the new Defensive Coordinator at Arkansas.
8:35 PM - Dec 27, 2017

Why would you retain the services of a DL Coach who’s line gave up 5.02 yds per carry to our opponents?

Good question - perhaps Morris thinks it was more of a Jimmy & Joe issue rather than X’s and O’s. If so, he must also think Scott is a good recruiter that can help them rectify the talent problem.

That TAM team has been messed ever since those 5 star quarterbacks all transferred out due to chemistry problems. That team has been lost for two years.

scott I think can be a very good recruiter who has an in down in Georgia as well as Texas. Each staff has to have a mix of assistants so to speak for diversity.

In forming my wish list, I would have preferred a person with stronger recruiting energy and younger, but just as important is the ability to bring in strong assistants. So, maybe with Chavis’s reputation and connections he would have the ability to bring in high quality position coaches who either know him or want to learn from him. If this is the outcome, then I think we will be fine.

I know Bob Trot. Arkansas fans should know him. He was on the Hatfield defensive staff in 84-89. The Hogs were pretty salty on defense in 88 and 89. He’s basically the same age as me. We were both born in 1954. Solid coach. Solid background.

I still think John Chavis is the leading candidate.