Defensive Backs

Watching the National Championship game and seeing a lot of highly regarded DB’s being abused. The Alabama secondary is really pretty porous, even with pretty good pressure and some less than rifled passes. Remembering the hypercritical comments on Hudson Clark, apparently playing defensive back is not as easy as some seem to think.


Good WRs beat good DBs. It’s an offensive game.

No pressure on QB=recipe for disaster always has and will forever be

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Pass interference was called quite often on bama just their last two games. I can’t imagine how many times they got away with no-calls this year even though it wouldn’t have mattered bc the scores were usually out of hand, but still yet it’s the principal.

Saban coaches the corners. I don’t mean he watches them from a tower in practice. He coaches them. It’s his specialty. He coaches them to play with their hands. They hold, grab and they will hit your arms with the ball in the air. They would have 6-10 PI penalties a game if you called it all. I think they go by the theory that you are not going to call all of them.

Well it’s just fitting an ex state champ QB in HS and CB in college (I think) is now a defensive specialist HC at the best program in college. Plus coaching one of the most difficult positions to play on defense.

I can’t think of a more difficult position to play than CB. You’re back peddling while the fastest players in the game are charging straight ahead. They know the route they are running and you don’t. They have had thousands of repitions with the guy throwing the ball and thus have much better idea of the trajectory and velocity of the incoming missile than you do.

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No question it’s hard position. I always say the world’s best athlete is an SEC tailback. SEC corners are rare athletes too.

Exactly right Clay, he is a very Hands-On coach,pardon the pun, and you’re right they get away with everything because there Alabama. We try that kind of crap, there would be PI all day long.

The two toughest position are the offensive line because everybody has to be on the same page to make a single play work and defensive back because you’re out on island where everybody in the world can see you

Sabin’s corners shake down receivers and have since his arrival to the SEC. He intimidates officials and his teams rarely if ever draw a PI or defensive holding calls.

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