Defensive alignment of DBs

This drove me nuts last year as well. I cannot understand why we continue to
give the receivers a 7-9 yard cushion with coverage. I’m no expert on defense,
but I’d just look to see what receiver had the largest cushion and sure enough
the QB threw him the ball. Even if you just get 3-5 yards a play that way, I’d
take that every time and march right down the field!! After the 1st quarter and
seeing that where was the press coverage. Are you telling me we are not capable
of playing press? Even La. Tech can play press thats what they did to us when
they saw Austin not taking any chances deep. This drives me crazy to watch.

We won the game and I’m thrilled with that. Could be like LSU, MSU, Oklahoma
all with losses in week one. We survived and its all about the wins, BUT…

If I was game planning to play Arkansas, I’d fill the script with those 3-5 yard
quick passes as it seems we are willing to just give them away.

And on Defense, I’d fill up on stunts and blitzes on Froholdt and Jackson. Those
two need to pick it up quick or its gonna be a long year.

Jeff (SwineFusion) will skewer you for saying this once again. Though it’s true, and though it will cost us games, he considers mentioning this obvious flaw in our defensive approach to be beating a dead horse.

Same DB’s same result. The DB coach is a fine person but runs the same schemes. Iowa State did not have any pass defense either. I hope they improve quickly.

It appears we do not have the athletes to play press coverage.
They also look slow.

Slow is smooth, smooth is fast. They still just look like they are not sure where they are supposed to be and it makes them appear slow. Like they have to think too much about whats happening.

How is it that La Tech has them and we don’t? Not saying we haven’t ever lost players to them, I know we have, but as a rule, we should get better players than La. Tech.

So, either we are screwing up the recruiting or we are screwing up the schemes. One or the other (it appears to me).

 Guess I was watching a different game.  I saw LaTech in press coverage for about 3 or 4 plays, and then usually only on one side.  They generally played about 5-6 yards off of our wide-outs, which is pretty typical for college teams.  As I sit here and watch Aub-Clem, I see a mixed bag of coverages, with most d-backs playing 5-6 yards off, with maybe one CB every 3 or 4 plays playing true press coverage, and then only with a safety behind him.  Flip over to BYU-Az, same thing.  Just curious, what teams in college do you see playing tight press coverage?
 IMO our DB's problems are not with playing a cushion, it is with getting confused on assignments.  Also,  I don't think the breakdowns are always the DB's fault.  I don't understand all the nuances of our schemes, but it seems to me there were several times the DB's expected help from the LB's on the inside slants to the slot receivers, aand the help wasn't there.

I agree with you Hollywood. It is obvious our secondary still has decision making issues. LaTech had 2 very good WRs on the watchlist.
The press coverage was not evident, but there was less cushion on the corners. Sadly the cushion is still too much on the slot WR, but that may have been driven by the quality of #5 on LaTech. Some defenses leave the slot with a wide cushion with have help from the safeties. Our safeties did not react quick enough. LaTech threw everything at us they could find but we made it easy by letting #5 have too much cushion in the slot. #5 is a Stud WR.