We have some DBs who shy away from contact.

I see the same thing. They make a poor tackling effort. They allow themselves to be blocked out of the play and they take poor angles to make any play on the ball, and that when they decide to keep their eyes in the right place. They have 40 plays or more on defense of all 11 guys giving poor effort. Inexcusable, even if you are playing the No. 1 team in the country. It’s the 6th game of the year. Our defense should be better than this.

And until it does we never challenge in the west

Bret has to see the need to upgrade this D

They are afraid of contact. I watched #28 avoid contact 4 times.

I suggest you go find #28 and tell him to his face, “You suck.”

Then post your hospital room number and I’ll send you some flowers.

I think 28 is Josh Liddell and he didn’t have a good day. There were some whiffs. But I am pretty sure he knows that and wants to get better and is practicing to get better.

I think it was the OU/Texas game I was watching where the OU RB just trucked the Texas corner making the tackle but I will give the corner some credit. He squared up and didn’t back down. He was still and the RB was moving pretty good. I knew what was about to happen.

It seems to me that we don’t have many players who get themselves in good position to make tackles. But I don’t doubt for one second that they are being coached that way.

Football is a game of courage and physicality. As a team, we didn’t have it last night and Bama did. Yes, we have some individuals who are very courageous but our overall team wasn’t last night. I expect we’ll see a better effort against Ole Pissy.

The tackling was poor. I noticed Henre’ Toliver jogging on one of the many long-distance runs by the Tide last night. I pointed it out to Matt and Jimmy. Jimmy saw it on his tape review and pointed it out. He ended up jumping on a fumble at the end of that play, but did not come up with it. It bounced away from him.

I did not like the width of the defense and I didn’t like the tackling of the secondary. Bielema brought up the lack of setting the edge. I followed up on that with more questions about it. There is a need for more speed with this defense, but just the want to as far as tackling needs to improve. Santos Ramirez was not able to play. I think he’s a good tackler and he was missed. Liddell and Coley did not tackle well. Dre Greenlaw makes a lot of plays. Without him, safeties needed to clean up a lot more things and they didn’t do it.

True all, but I submit that there is something drastically wrong with a defensive scheme that allows as many big plays as we have to our opponents make this year. This is obviously related somewhat to the personnel that are being asked to make the scheme work (as was suggested by coach BB in his press conference), but whether this is the primary problem or not it needs to be addressed (like three months or more ago).