This is the first initial scrimmage for a college team that I can remember where the offense was (apparently) better than the defense. Usually the defense looks better initially. Don’t know what this says about the outlook for the defense this year. Any insight?

the concern for this defense is at DT we have no bellcow in there Sosa is not big enough and Watts and smith are unproven and I’m afraid teams are going to run right at us! we ran the ball good they said so this may very well be why

I understand that the interior Dline is stunting a lot so that is feast or famine at times. Chavis likes to stunt his interior so that opens up running lanes at times.

I was told the D was very good against the pass and did pretty well against the run minus two or three long runs.

That’s from someone that was there and I trust their football opinion.

I think almost all of the scrimmage was situational. I do not know that one side won over the other side. Joe Craddock said there were too many penalties and too many turnovers. I think this defense has been forcing turnovers in bunches every day. So I do not think the offense is ahead. Defensive players sound confident that they have improved by a lot. There is give and take both ways, and that’s probably to be expected. So I’m not sure your info is correct.

I sat down and watched the SMU/Houston game last year just to try to get a glimpse of what our offense might look like this year. It was the only full game i watched. I am not sure that will tell me anything but i did get some ideas of play calling, etc.

This is what i noticed.

There were a lot of holding, false start, leg whip penalties on the offense. For the most part their offensive line held up until the end of the game when SMU had to throw and there were a couple of sacks. A mobile QB is a must. Their QB did not run much at all, but scrambling ability was a must. I didn’t see a lot of power running game, but zone blocking and back had the option to pick his hole. There were some good runs. There were guard and tackle pulls also, couple of very good runs using those tactics. Saw lots of quick passes, bubble screens, but did see deep throws, passes over the middle against 2 deep zone. They had no tight end that was a threat, that will certainly change this year. In this particular game they struggled in the red zone, their fg kicker was average at best.

they lined up quickly, but most of what i saw was look to the sideline, get the play call, then run a play. Wasn’t hurry up at an mega frantic pace. From a talent perspective SMU/Houston was kinda like watching Arkansas/Auburn, something like that.

With our offensive line struggles, injuries, etc I hope we don’t see this many penalties. Houston had more talent on both sides of the ball, especially defensively. We are going against some pretty salty defenses this year, every year i guess. in viewing that game I think i have a little idea of what we might look like, but a completely different talent perspective. but someone brought up penalties in the scrimmage, and the game i watched there were also quite a few. Hope thats not the case.

Last year SMU was 94 in the nation at 59.2 yards in penalties, to compare Arkansas was 28th at 42 yards a game. Year before SMU was 52 to the Hogs 52.3. Morris first year at SMU penalties were right at 50 yds/gm. Another comparison, Clemson last 3 years was 46, 58, and 43. His three seasons in Dallas the average is about 54 yards a game. If you look at top to bottom numbers 1-128, that average is right in the middle. Could be improved.

Good info and thanks. I hope we are not a penalty riddled team this year. Only reason I brought it up is because the offensive coordinator brought it up and it was noticeable in the SMU game I watched

If I was trying to block Houston’s Ed Oliver, I’d probably get a lot of penalties – leg whips, hold, etc. Ed Oliver probably was/is the best DT in the game right now. There are some good DTs in the SEC, too. None better than Ed Oliver at Houston.

Ed Oliver - known as the likely No. 1 pick in the NFL.

which had SMU outgaining 544-463 yards in total offense.

They includes 397 yards passing and 147 rushing.

SMU had 9 penalties in that game for 95 yards. … =400941818

info on Oliver is correct he would start for any DL in the SEC with ease!! he’s a freak and the undersized line at SMU was overwhelmed I’m sure just as ours would be for sure

I read a story (maybe on SEC Country or Saturday Down South) that said Arkansas was the least penalized team in the SEC in the last five years (that was their time frame; I did not pick it for any personal agenda). That surprised me because of the big penalties that came at bad times (tripping against A&M, etc.) Hope in the next five years we can say the same thing, but with an SEC record closer to 29-11 instead of 11-29.

Could easily have spoken incorrectly. Thought that I saw that mentioned in one of the articles and reinforced by one of the players causing me to raise the concern, but I do not mind a bit if I was wrong. Thanks for the info from you and Richard.