I have said all year long - even before the season, that this was a very poor defense, but there is no way I imagined it being this bad. They are slow, weak and more often than not, out of position. Other than that, everything is fine!

Question. Is there some rule or something that prevents Arkansas dbacks from turning and looking for the ball? They sure don’t seem to do it. On most of those longer passes, I thought the ball my hit the dback in the back of the head, but the receiver caught the ball preventing that. If they would have looked for the ball, there could have been as many as 5 interceptions. Been doing that for years and years so there must be some rule or something.

Perhaps there is a rule that prevents putting pressure on the passer? There must be a rule that says Arkansas’ defense must wait at least 5 yds before making contact with the offense. Been that way all year.

Defense…did you say Defense?

Did you forget they tried to sell us on the 3-4 defense in the offseason. I didn’t buy it then and I sure as heck do not buy it now. LSU will run thru around and over our defense even if they do have a hangover from a tough loss to BAMA. Same with Miss State and Missouri. We have our last win of the year with the earth shattering 1 point victory over CCarolina Chanticleers. I think the Chanticleers have a total of one win. What did Arkansas State do with them?

The only reason you run a 3-4 is because you don’t have enough quality lineman to run a 4-3

Out of position and poor tackling. We may be missing too many pieces, but I see poor strategy or scheme. There’s a few players who were better in previous seasons than what they are today.