We seem to never block out. Giving up put back dunks. sorry offense leads to sorry defense and have have both.
Sit Harris and play Sills. Harris can’t score and he is a turnover waiting to happen.

Defense is actually fine for the most part, FT’s and put backs are what’s killing us.

Put backs and FT’s have A&M +14 over Arkansas and we’re down 7. That’s the story at the moment defensively.

Harris just stands there watching the ball go up instead of looking for someone to block out. He plays lazy/ dumb on defense more often than not. Very frustrating to watch.

Those put backs are part of the the defensive problem.
Harris is sorry!

Harris just standing there is driving me crazy. Replay saw him twice just stand there on the rebound and do nothing.

That last basket to end the half by A&M is exactly the problem. Wide open in the lane. So you like the defense. I don’t.

Statistically, its doing well. Not great, but not bad at all. We’ve also created 11 TO’s and sped them up(which they don’t like).

I believe if I’m not mistaken rebounding the opponents missed shots is a big part of the the defensive equation.
If that’s not correct please forgive me, but if it is correct then I would have to say we haven’t had such a good defensive effort tonight.
Hopefully, these next couple of weeks will pass by quickly and we can look forward to winning the SEC Tournament as General has a “Feeling in his bones” will happen.

Go Hogs!

I must occupy a large space in your head for you to reference me in hopes to rub a statement in my face.

Not at all, but you make it too easy to do with the way you occupy so much of this board and are so hard on everyone that has a different take or opinion about YOUR FACTS about our Razorbacks. Nothing personal, just holding you to the fire when you make such ridiculous posts as you did about the SEC Tournament this season.
Actually, I believe you probably have above average basketball IQ and agree with you many times, but you have to admit this team winning the SEC Tournament is pretty far fetched. I do find your posts fairly entertaining and insightful much of the time, but I believe you allow your fanhood over take the reality of what is really going on sometimes. I get it you love our Hogs as we all do and want them to win every game and I don’t want that to ever stop!

Go Hogs!

It is far fetched, I never said it wasn’t, but you never know.

correction to one reply.

Defense gave up 11 layups on the half count. LAYUPS. Defense will have to improve to be below average.

We gave up almost 90pts to a bad team on our own floor while allowing them to shoot almost 60% from the field and double us up on the boards. Defensively, it’s hard to have a worse game than that.