What is it about our style of defense that always seems to leave shooters wide open for 3’s?
Is it the switching?
Is it the press?
It always seems to happen and thats one reason we can’t hold big leads.
It’s just frustrating to watch teams get back in games by hitting the open 3’s.
Just curious what you guys think.

Late on switches…

The open 3’s are due to all the Trapping and most of the time it’s not needed.All it does is leave people wide open and they are SEC players so they are eventually going to hit them,happens every game we get a big lead,wide open 3 or terrible rebounding position allows them to get easy shots inside but its the style we are going to play so no sense in worrying about it anymore.we can make a very average player look like NBA players like we did those 2 Freshmen today…