Defense - WOW

I know it’s really early in the season, but this team is playing great defense. Love the fight in every player. Very impressed!

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Speaking a bit of Nolan-ese: “defense should never have a slump.”

Yeah, if this were baseball, they would have thrown two consecutive no-hit shutouts. On the other hand, the shutdown defense has masked that the O has been nothing special.

What was the score in the first game!:blush:

If you play sound defense you don’t have to score 100 points to win! There’s not a lot of open 3’s that everyone previously complained about!
The easy buckets pressing are gone too! While I will always like CMA and watch his teams play those 2 areas cost the hogs a lot of games!
This defense is for real. Evansville went into Rupp and played solid defense tonight and beat the cats so our hogs can do it too!

Don’t sell this N TX team short. They are a good, experienced basketball team with some size. They took the #25 team in the country down to the wire last week losing by just 3. We put the game away at about the 7 minute mark and won going away by 23.

The team seems to be really well conditioned for this early in the season also. We clearly wore N TX down those last 5-7 minutes and played only 7 players. I hope we hear soon that Chaney is off suspension. We’ll take another step up when he returns.

Offense wasn’t clicking on all cylinders, but give N TX some credit for playing sound defense for most of the game.

Sluggish on offense but that is a hard nosed well coached defensive effort. Getting good production out of Bailey which I never thought was possible and several players have obviously improved. I watched the grad transfer loaf on defense early in the game and then promptly be taken out to sit for a very long spell. before getting back in. The key to how good this team is going to be has yet to even play. Hopefully after this suspension he will come in with some fire because they really need that 6’8 inside presence. Chaney can be a very good undersized center who can give those big tall centers fits if he will just accept coaching.

That was VCU last week I think they lost to by 3. They did out rebound the hogs.
It was nice to see the 20/24 from the free throw line by our hogs! That alone will help you win a lot of games!
Allowing 43 points in back to back games is impressive too!

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Good defense is gonna have to be the mantra when you have 5 guys on the floor 6’7” and under at times.

Yep. This team is already snakebit with our bigs (Chaney, Gabe, Vanover, Henderson) issues and circumstances such that we must resolve to a 4 or 5 guard lineup – that’s crazy facing the SEC schedule.

I’m impressed that they’ve already held 2 Division 1 teams to under 50 points (although both games were in Fayetteville).

If the tough D can be sustained, it will offset a few poor shooting performances by our offense.

These first 2 games have our team looking like Eddie Sutton is coaching the D and Paul Westhead is coaching the offense. We are playing some good, sound D, but shooting those long 3’s like there is no tomorrow. It is fun to watch.

I can’t wait until we get a little more talent to go with this system. Any player that likes to score…come on down. We’ll teach you to play good D and go to the league.

Miss the Sutton days when our disciplined play & relentless defense made us a consistent contender. We did not always have the best talent, but we outplayed our opponents & usually prevailed. Muss seems to have returned us to that quality & level of play. Consequently, top talent will choose to play at Arkansas realizing that we are the best path to the NBA.

Eddieball changed a whole lot (so did everyone else) when the shot clock and three-point line came in – which was just after he left Arkansas. Five years later his teams would have played much differently than we remember.

However, I would also be remiss if I didn’t note that we were also a consistent contender from 1990 to 1996 playing Hawgball, which you clearly seem to dismiss as undisciplined.

Basketball at Arkansas was effectively non-existent before Sutton. Remodeled Barnhill Arena became the loudest & most difficult stadium for opponents to play. Even in Houston, Reunion Arena in DFW for the SWC tournament was nicknamed as Barnhill South. Assume shot clock was in part due to Sutton style of play, including our 39-38 victory over ut. ut fired Abe Lemons a week later.

Agree about our success from '90 to '96. Despite the improved level of competition by other teams, Nolan coached teams were great & usually prevailed.

If you want to blame one person for the shot clock, blame Dean Smith and his four corners stall (which Eddie ran occasionally). Abe Lemons slowed the pace in that 39-38 game knowing that Eddie would get the blame, which he did.

But Abe was fired three years later. His 1982 team started 14-0, a key player (Mike Wacker, son of the TCU football coach) blew out an ACL, they went in the tank, finished 16-11 and he got fired.

do not want to get too overzealous, but I see some jam packed good times in Bud Walton Arena this winter. This team is quickly developing an identity. couple that with an highly animated coach and the fans are going to have a raucous good time. I predict that place to be filling up on a regular basis.

What was last nights attendance? Both announced and actual (or closest guess)

i believe paid attendance to be 12,001, do not know actual attendance. I think last week they had paid of 17,000 and 11,500 was estimated to be there.

Correct, 12,001 tickets distributed which includes students. I really didn’t get a feel from TV of how many people were there.

After seeing a couple games, I think Gabe would have really excelled in the Muss system; especially with the current team. Too bad; the what coulda beens.

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