Defense wins championships.

SMU ranks 13th nationally this season in total offense (493.8 yards per game) and eighth in scoring offense (40.2 points per game).

But like many teams that run hurry-up offenses, SMU’s defense has been among college football’s worst. The Mustangs rank 122nd nationally in total defense (486.7 yards per game) and 113th in scoring defense

But offense put the fans in the stands :smiley:

I hope he shores up our defense, but defense doesn’t win championships. A team whose defenses allow fewer points by an opponent than its offense scores against that opponent wins championships.

I know the cliche’ but cliche’s aren’t analysis. I want our offense to outscore the other team. I want our defense to allow that. It doesn’t matter where any of them rank statistically at the end of the season if there are enough W’s in the record.

This is not aimed at the OP…but I find it interesting that the overall feel from this board was “we want an exciting offense!!!”

Then when we get an OC with an exciting offense (though he does like to run it…just like Gus), the feel is becoming "what about the DEFENSE?

Pretty amusing.

Maybe we get this guy, who’s pretty good against the pass.

Recruiting ties to LA and TX

As far as I’m concerned, it takes excellence in all [size=150]THREE[/size] areas to win at football. You cannot ignore any of them. That said, it might take a while to build depth in all three.

I actually said that when Morris was first mentioned, I was looking for coordinators at schools that were doing good jobs at non P5 schools. My thought was to save money, but I don’t know the relationship between the two

Big thing is do they know each other on that level, because your only going to bring in people that’s around your tree or highly recommended by someone he respects…