Defense was outstanding

But those jumpers are going to continue to struggle with multiple guys playing heavy minutes. It is what it is as there is no where to turn on the bench.

Kyree Walker come on down for the 2nd semester please.

Yes it was!!

Walker would be great addition for this team an help spread out the minutes between himself, Joe and Mason while helping to keep their legs fresh.
If he comes I believe we would be in the top three teams in the conference and possibly give UK and Auburn a run for their actual $$$$$ money!

Go Hogs!

Can’t wait for Muss to get all of his recruits, The sec and Kentucky had better watch out.

I agree, that’s the issue facing the Hogs. Someone from the small group of Harris and Cylla must step forward with quality minutes to give a few blows to Mason, Whitt and Joe…but its not happening.

Tech being down a guard proved crucial, both teams were gassed the final 5 minutes of regulation and into OT.