Defense travels

The defense has returned the last two games. This team has a pulse after all. So fun to watch a team defend. I’m sure some think that was ugly basketball. Not me. Holding LSU to 58 was awesome.


The intensity was ramped up big time… This team ever learn how to take care of the ball they may can go further than we think,defense was always going to be what was going to carry this team anyway with our lack of shooters

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Yeah they have their moments of breakdown but the last 5-6 minutes they were tough duty, outside the LSU drive and dunk, they didn’t give up much.
They defended 2 lob plays that were just incredible D plays. Devo had a big deflection late on a terrible pass, but terrible pass or not he was active and flashed to make a play.

They have really told on themselves lately with what they are really capable of offensively and defensively.

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Some teams, like this one, are just turnover-prone. Finding a way to win is all that matters.


Yeah eventually I think they will slow down and not commit as many turnovers but they forced about as many as they gave up today that was the difference

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I did not see a lot of open threes for LSU. The defense was better in all respects. The Hogs got better shots and some great looks on threes against a sagging defense playing the passing lanes. The team getting best shots usually wins.

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The Hogs were plus 18 with Notae on the floor. It may have been his best game.


JD is starting to shoot the ball very well again he’s always been tough on defense

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Notae was not a great defensive player for the first half of last season. He bought in sometime in late January. I figure Justin Smith had a talk with him.

Notae is not great coming off screens. He is terrific on the ball. That’s what I see. I probably am too conservative in how I would coach defense.

Yeah he struggled initially but he picked it up well when he found out he wasn’t going to be playing…

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