Defense Travels

Defense travels better than offense. Defense will allow you to win games like this. No doubt, this team is going to have to up its game on the offensive end somehow, someway, but that defense will keep you in most games and give you a chance.

I promise you the rest of the SEC took note of this score tonight. This is not a 11th place team. I still thank it is going to be tough without some more depth, but road wins like this serves notice that you are going to have to play to beat this team. It will not hurt when the NCAA is looking at things either. GT is not great, but they are not bad, and of course it is way early, but it is still a quality road win and those are hard to come by.

Each time out, I become more of a believer that we finally have a real basketball coach. I reserve final judgement on that, but it sure looks like it.

There are things we do need to improve on, but anytime you can win on the road against a A C C team it’s a positive.

Significantly, Tech had already won a road game against NC State, they aren’t chopped liver. Secondly, Tech had two extra days to prepare for the Hogs since their last game at UGA. Third, Arkansas hung tough at the end…perhaps a more important win than if we were to win by 14 goint away.

This is not a great Hog team, but they are fighters. I like that. WPS

Good defense won this game. That good defense will keep us in most games. When we shoot well, this team will be hard to beat. Despite, the thin bench and lack of size, this team will be fun to watch. They will win a lot more games than the pundits predicted. And watch out in the future. Top 5 recruiting classes and great coaching = happy Hog fans.