Defense still wins…


Say what you will, but I’ll say defense still wins championships!


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Some truth, but all those teams scored about 40+


The great teams always have a good defense. WPS

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Examples are

Kansas St stopped TCU on two run plays from inside the one yard line in overtime.

Michigan forced Purdue into five field goals.

Georgia forced LSU into three turnovers and blocked a field goal for a TD.

Clemson had a 98 yard pick six when NC was threatening in the third quarter to bring the game to one score.

A good defense many times provides a short field to the offense, provides defensive scores, forces field goals instead of allowing touchdowns, and demoralizes the opposing offense.

When’s the last time a team with a poor defense won a National Title?

Right. I’d say all those team played bad defenses. Bad defenses lose.

I’m good with seeing a Mich/Ga matchup for the finals.

The team that Georgia hung up 50 on did a pretty good defensive job on us. Harold Perkins made 10 tackles last night but no sacks.

You have to have a real defense. Keeps score down, provides shorter field for offense, and often crests TOS.
GA became real power when they got that defense

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Defense wins if the offense scores enough.

True, but they had to take the wraps off the offense to get to the top. They were not prepared for a shootout against Bama in the NCG that Tua won as a freshman.

All valid points.

Offense aside, you can’t win a championship without a good defense.

Tough look OP

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The CFP semifinals suggest that, above all else, you have got to be able to outscore your opponents.

That has been true since day 1. Three is bigger than two and wins, but get your point.

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TCU losses by two scores without the two (2) pick sixes and the forced fumble at the 1/2 yard line. Defense…

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Can you win a championship in 2022 without a good offense?

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