Defense question

Did anyone on our DL disrupt their offense so as to require double teaming and thus enable our LBs to perform better? This was part of the pre season review of our defense that we were told we might expect. I’m just not observant enough to tell. Maybe you guys did?

I didn’t see much from the DL for most of the game … but when it mattered most, they punked that LaTech Oline and concussed the QB for a huge stop. Not sure where that was all game.

It’s hard to get a pass rush when the QB gets the ball out of his hands in two seconds. When he actually dropped back, Arkansas was in his face.

So, the game plan for Arkansas is quick hitters and slants for 5-10 yards all the way down the field? How is that different from last year and what do they do to correct it? they have the personnel they have. No better, no worse.