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I will expand on this later, but to those talking about how horrible the defense was, allow me to say I predicted we would give up 21 points. Said so on the game thread. I knew Petrino, with his 6th year QB, would figure out how to score 21 points. Granted, it wound up being 24.

The fact that they hurt our secondary was predictable.

Some are saying we didn’t get enough pressure. That wasn’t it. How many sacks we get? 8?

The issue is our best two safeties are out…and we still are vulnerable playing man if we don’t happen to get a sack.

The shock of the day was our offense. Fumbles. and INT. Inability to run the football until late. The offense just didn’t dominate like we all thought they would. I honestly thought we would win something like 45-21. But not trail the whole game!

Bottom line? We need Slush back. We need McGlothern back and healthy. And we need to play a whole lot better next week.

But–WE WON. We are 3-0. I’ll take it.


Yeah, that minus 3 turnover margin kept this from being a routine win. The good news, is that next week we probably face the weakest Offense we’ve seen yet. The Aggie Defense will be formidable. Turnovers and penalties will be key. Play a relatively clean game, and I like our chances.

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Miami made A&M’s job much easier. I’m watching the fourth quarter thinking WTH are they doing? Shut down in the red zone. App State ran all over the Aggies, and we’re a better running team than App is.


I predicted we would give up 24 points because I know how he calls plays and how hard it is to stop his style of offense. our offense basically keeping them in the game because we kept shooting ourselves in the foot was the only reason this game was close.

I never really thought they could stop us and they never really did. This was just a very unusual game for our offense cuz we normally do not turn the ball over like that.

Texas A&M will be the best defensive team we’ve seen. we will have to play much much better on offense to be able to score enough points to pull the game out.

I watched a good deal of the Aggies game last night. Miami has a long way to go. Their QB was not impressive at all.

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Yes there were sacks but our D seems to have taken major step back from last year, or at least cause for concern before we start playing SEC west teams.

Tackling was weak, and D just doesn’t seem as physical as group last year.

I hope it can be corrected because we are about to take major step up in talent we play.

I agree. Our defense could be better, but it ended up slamming the door on this game. Make no mistake. This game was a offensive fail. We showed up to play old fashioned bully ball offensively.

They weren’t interested in that. Had they played bully ball with us it might have worked. They were more interested in scoring.

We have the talent to smoke those guys. We chose to play the only way they had a chance. Shorten the game, keep it close. We did that for them. While they were scoring.

We finally had some 2 play drives and went to scoring. But it was almost to late. Punt return and D slammed the door.

A&M gave up 27 first downs last night. Miami playcaller got stupid in the red zone. Five trips, no touchdowns.

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Oh okay I didn’t really get to watch a lot of that game sounds like Miami should have won then…
I did watch the end of the app State game and watched how they just lined up and ran the ball right at them so hopefully we can do the same thing. I will say they’re probably the most athletic defense we’ve seen, we’ll see how we attack them

A&M was very shorthanded last night. Two defensive players got ejected for targeting, another was suspended. They had to throw in some true freshmen but Miami couldn’t or wouldn’t take advantage. I’m not sure if either of the targeting calls will affect availability against us in the first half.

It’s always good to win a game you probably shouldn’t have, or easily could have lost.

It’s a great feeling. Like Sam said post interview on the field. ‘I am not real happy right now, but when I get in there(locker room) I will be.

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Well no wonder they struggle then. Oh I’m pretty sure they’ll be back for our game LOL

Both targeting calls were in the first quarter.

Bama might set an ncaa record for passing yards against us. A and m will be a toss up but I think we can beat them. Bama too if offense can keep their offense off the field. Nail biters like yesterday the rest of the way

Bama doesn’t have Bama receivers this year. Misery State might have better wideouts.

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