Defense made mistakes but that was a good offense they were playing---

—our safeties took bad angles or failed to cover their run lanes on that second play for 75 yards and TD. Our mostly freshmen defensive ends failed to hold the edge of the defense over and over. But these are fixable as our young players get more seasoned. Looks like Pool will be out for a while and that makes us even more thin at linebacker. CSU had some very good speed at some receiver positions and we seemed to run well with them. Both of their QBs threw well. This was a much better offense and overall team than we played last year and we won the game, surging away in the 4th. Not a bad game overall. We are nowhere near where we want to be but we are closer and headed in a better direction. JMVVVHO

We looked much better with a good QB. Offense was finally in rhythm and we had success. It was a needed improvement. I just worry if we can sustain this, especially in SEC play. TAMU will show us what we can REALLY do. Defensively, it was better, but no edge, and losing Pool will hurt our depth. But saying we aren’t talented or were young or CCM needs time are just excuses now. We have a direction on offense and we must keep improving. The SEC is wide open this year after Bama and UGA. We don’t need people getting hurt next week. Aggies will be ready and we need another full team effort from players AND coaches.

Since they are all true I would say that makes them “good” excuses. If none of that was true then they would be “bad” excuses. We ARE young, we ARE thin, the staff is trying to patch together a competitive team with not enough talented players and it WILL take more time to fix it all. There is a very long journey from a dumpster fire of a program to a competitive one. There ain’t no quick fix coming through that door anytime soon. JMVVVVHO

They’re not excuses if they’re true. This is just another way of you saying the coaches are bad & anyone who points out a problem that isn’t directly attributed to this coaching staff is “making excuses.”.

Your schtick gets old.

Personally, I’m glad that we took the advice and got rid of the coaches that we had last year. This new bunch is clearly much better.

What is wrong with you? Where did I say ANY OF THAT??? Did you actually read my post?

This is all directly attributed to this coaching staff, AND the players. There was not one thing negative or discouraging about that. Until you put your unneeded and personal attack into it.

We all know that we are thin and outmanned on this team.

It was suggested D would be the team strength.

I’m yet to see a lot from Chavis D. Young or not the lack of containment in the first half was atrocious at any level.

This D gave up almost 500 yards to bottom feeder Ole Miss and like 425 to this Mountain West opponent.

We are a program with very little SEC experience in the coaching ranks except for Chief who has coached at three other programs.

Every coach is better with 5 stars everywhere.

I would like to see some more fire and ingenuity from a guy on his likely last stop and perhaps at only program left who offered him in SEC.

I’m sure I’m wrong to be critical but it’s hard not to be a little disappointed when D, which was supposedly a strength, is giving up so much yardage these past two weeks.

Hopeful Chavis et all can correct soon because the big boys of the schedule are coming soon.

Be careful Bush. People are watching.

Safeties were put in a bad position because of poor containment by the ends. The freshmen ends need to play games. They will get better. Soli will get better when he has two hands to use to shed blockers. Tough for him, but he’ll fight through it and become a great one.

Defensive statistics are less meaningful in today’s offensive world, getting stops and turnovers matter more at key points and in the fourth quarter UA defense was up to task. Season is 25 % complete with same number of wins as last year, Quarterback play is critical in today’s offensive game. Young teams are as hard to watch as a baby learning to walk. Many up and downs but it eventually happens when they grow up. During Ole Miss game, ESPN showed that the Hawgs’s had 131 players on the roster–77 or 59 % are freshmen or sophomores. Not much experience to link some of the expectations too. At one time in fourth quarter the defense had 5 freshmen on the starting 11. Regardless of QB, the offense would have struggled without the freshmen receivers. Hard to see how this team would have been better with the players we had when the prior Coach was running the program. Going to take time and some lumps. As Joe Kines said , it is a grown man’s league and they will slit your throat and drink your blood. Glad we are not KY or MSU today

Same offense made 500 yards on Colorado two weeks ago. CSU’s performance against Colorado was similar in that turnovers knocked them out of the game. That was about to happen a little sooner had Foucha not rolled into Hill’s leg (and that was mainly because he was blocked into him). That negated a turnover that might have been the point of the game that flipped it to the Hogs.

Good teams force turnovers and bad teams commit them. Arkansas lost one fumble on the exchange between Starkel and Boyd. That is the read mesh that is toughest to perfect. You need lots of time with that mesh point. It will come with more practice and more games.

I am not seeing too many balls by Starkel going into coverage. He’s taking chances with his tall receivers with one-on-one, but I like the odds there. Not sure that’s throwing into coverage. One-on-one is going to be a win for Burks and Knox more times than not.

Indeed…Soli will be a GREAT one. One of the best ever here. He has it all. But, as Clay had, he’s a freshman, with a broken hand…that has to START because of injury and lack of upperclassmen at that position. Losing Gerald hurt alot.

Playing an 18 year old on the starting D-line is not ideal. Playing one with a broken hand even less ideal. But clearly he’s the best we have…even with those limitations.

Teams are gonna pick on our D-ends. Better get used to it.

Are we uber talented at every position? no. Do we have enough depth at any position but WR? no.

I do think though, that it’s time to stop denigrating many of our young or experienced, and talented starters and many of the back-ups by continuing with the “we are just not talented enough to win in the SEC”.

In the first quarter we showed that we have a good, not great, offense with the change at QB. In the last 10 minutes of the game, we showed that we have the talent on both side of the ball to beat “some” SEC teams.

I know most of the “bashing” of our talent is meant to be directed at CBB, but it is also a direct hit at Harris and other experienced starters and back-ups that played well in this last game.

Yes, this was a fair post. I understand some might not have read it all the way through because of what this poster usually says and his agenda, but it was a surprisingly fair take.

Good point Harley! We are looking for some improvement. We saw some improvement yesterday. Personnel at most positions are getting better, even if we are thin. Pointing out all the negative is always easier.

Were you previously thinking we s/b a 10 win team this year?

Not me. The progress seen yesterday is progress I was hoping to see…and within my (immaterial) goals for the team. I, too, think we’ll see some great challenges for our defense as we enter the meat of our SEC schedule, but, then, I expected that before.

I was hoping for six wins, calling it a minimum “5” win regular season. However, I’m not sure we win a SEC game, as I was thinking our Defense would be in better shape by now (losing Dorian, and now Pool, have been big hits to a young, inexperienced Defense.) I was not one who thought the Ole Miss road game was going to be a W; perhaps the wind’s been kindled from the UK sail.

But, the overall trend for the team, seems quite positive to me.

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I was really grousing about the second play as well, but after going back and watching today, there was a pretty blatant hold on Soli or he would’ve make the tackle at the line. The OL had Soli’s arm wrapped up with one arm and had a hand full of his jersey in the other hand. You can see it in the replay from the end zone cam after the extra point. The umpire is looking right at it and swallowed his whistle.