Defense is bad tonight...

man and zone. A lot of credit goes to their guards (especially Allen) who are skilled and quicker than our guards.

Feel fortunate to only be down 13.

Defense is bad, offense is worse. Agree that it could be worse than down 13. We’re making 44% of threes and 30% of twos.

Even the commentators are talking about how open florida’s players in the corners are being left wide open; and we pay for it!

per Jimmy Carter

Arkansas plays man: Florida 27-11
Arkansas plays zone: Arkansas 34-24

chiozza abused our guards

It seems to hurt our defensive intensity when we aren’t playing well on O.

Agreed, but we have trouble with penetrating guards regardless. Florida’s guards shredded us twice. Fox ate our lunch at Lexington. Seems like UT-Arlington’s guards tore us up and we were lucky to get out of that game with a win.

I suspect what UF’s early flurry, including two threes, did was it discouraged Mike from going to the zone. The zone would have stopped some of the penetration but made us even more vulnerable to the three-ball.

Comments? What does this tell us? What does this tell Mike and the coaching staff?

I know Mike and the staff review film, in fact they pour over film and go over it with the players. They have had to see how well we’ve played when primarily in a zone defense through our 5 game winning streak.

I believe it is also more than just playing the zone itself. It’s also the new players are more comfortable in a zone. They understand their defensive roles better in a zone than in a complex switching man to man. Their heads’ are not spinning about their defensive positioning, so they transition better to the offense. It seems simple. It’s a win-win situation for the team. Our poor man to man defense is magnified with opponents who have cat-quick guards, LIKE FLORIDA HAS.

I’m looking for a logical reason why Mike would start with, and stay with, the man to man until we were 16 points down at Florida. I have no doubt that Mike sees and understands this better than I do or he wouldn’t have made the change and we wouldn’t have had that 5 game winning streak. It was his very good decision to go to much more zone defense. Why then would he revert to man to man at Florida when they have the best and quickest 3-guard tandem in the SEC?

I’m also sure he knows that Georgia’s Frazier is probably the single quickest guard in the SEC. “Fingers crossed” for Saturday.

I love Moses (1,200 career points, 730 rebs), but good lord he kills us in man to man. I don’t how much is coaching, or how much is it Moses not understanding the principles (remember he started playing BB relatively late in life). It’s like Groundhog Day, he switches, the guard goes around him and the rest of the team is switching like mad to help. I don’t understand why he doesn’t hedge and then run back to recover with his man. If it’s some warm body like the Rimmer kid then just let him go and recover. That kid isn’t a threat, but nope Moses is going to switch no matter what.

Also, as I noted in other threads, there was another level of quickness in Allen, Hill and Chiozza. I would put our guys up against anyone if it was a 3-pt or FT contest, but in terms of athleticism or quickness it’s an average group.

I screamed at the TV like crazy for the first time in a long time. I am so upset with CMA waiting until down 16 before he switched to a zone… BECAUSE the gators got on an emotional high on SENIOR day because of all the easy shots. Good lord they were shooting 75% against our man defense which is terrible against good guards…much less great guards like Hill, Chiozza and Allen. I thought that after a minute or two he would switch up defenses to throw off the gator guards…but NOPE not at all.

I swear I saw the same frustrated faces on our team that were there before we switched to more zone a few weeks ago. It was like, “here we go again, he’s making us play this man defense that kills us. We can’t switch and rotate like we should so there is always someone open to kill us”. I saw frustration in Dusty and Trey’s faces which said a lot. Moses looked like he was pissed from the start and terribly frustrated.

In a man-to-man defense, your center out 30 feet from the basket trying to cover a guard will get you killed yet the same thing happens to MK every game… well stated earlier, “Groundhog Day”.

I am very concerned about this UGA game on Saturday. Is CMA going to try to prove that his 90’s Defense still works like he did against UF? I think we will know in the first 5 minutes of the game-If he starts in Man again. Does MAN work OR it sucks/lets UGA get on a roll; but how long does he let UGA get Hot before changing?