Defense For Christmas

The sports gift I would like for Christmas is for CBB to turn his offense over to Dan Enos and focus totally on what is supposed to be his specialty, defense. If the saying “You are what you focus on” is true then I think the focus of the head coach needs to switch to defense and special teams. Both are hurting this program.
As much as I have loved the offense the last two seasons the defense has taken the fun out of watching games, even when we win.
I see a trend where primary attention in recruiting, player position assignments and overall fanfare has been on offense.
Currently we have only seven commits on defense even though this team is short on LBs, DEs and DBs that are good or even allowed to play by the coaching staff.
As for position assignments K. Jackson (LB) , A. Cantrell (LB), L. Pettway (DB), H. Froholdt (DT), J. Bell (DE), were all recruited as or had high success in high school on defense and are now on offense. There is not a single player who has gone the other way. Again priority goes to offense.
And while balance and variety are the cry for offense, on defense it is a one dimensional, passive approach because the DC seems to fear his defensive backfield so much that he won’t play aggressively with the rest of the team.
And it seems to me that player development is much more successful on offense than on defense. Defensive players seem to hit a certain level and then either stay there or digress.
Since Martrell Spaight graduated the defense has been in steady decline. It almost appears that in 2014 it was Spaight who was the DC and boy has he been missed.
These are just my views of what I have seen the last two seasons. It would be nice to get to the point where the defensive line appears on the media guide.

I believe that your initial premise is incorrect. For the most part, CBB allows his coaches to coach. He uses the J Frank Broyles philosophy, hire good people and then let them do their jobs. That is not to say he doesn’t give input, but he is no CBP (who controlled every single detail about everything.)

I think that Coach Enos does control the offense. I also think that when there is a problem, Coach B gets involved. The current situation is multi-layered, involving scheme and having the personnel to run that scheme.

I do agree that the solution is to be found in recruiting. It nearly always is.

Right now we are far behind where we need to be in defensive recruiting. It had better pick up big time and there is only one month to happen. They just lost one to CU this week. That should not happen. Don’t know the details. Perhaps there are other connections etc. I guess they are trying JuCos and that is fine in limited numbers and special people, but that is not building a long term, solid, FAST, defense. This is so critical. I am certain they know this, but do not seem to be addressing it. Hope I am wrong about that, but what we have had the past two seasons is an embarrassment.

They are playing with the 3-4. Perhaps that is the way to go, but that type defense requires more speed in quickness and your 3 had better be studs (we have 1). Our defense is slow, but not quick. They better bring that in and bring it in right now.

Remember, Colorado just played in the Pac 12 Championship game. If we had just played in the SEC CG we would expect that to help us in recruiting. I would assume that played a big part in his decision.

One thing to consider is success breeds success. High school offensive players see the Hogs’ offense having success, so they want to be a part of that. The defense, on the other hand, has not been as successful, so players may be slower to commit to a team that is struggling. They don’t want to be stuck on a side of the ball that is not successful and is always criticized. According to what the recruiting guys say, the defense is the top priority in the last few spots. If we get five or six more defenders, then that will be half of the recruits, so let’s not give up hope yet.

I think my main premise is that CBB needs to focus on the defense because the current plan is not working to say the least. Any player on this team that can help the defense should be sent there, even if it means a player going both ways. The team will never consistently win with the defense as it is and it is more than recruiting.
I am also convinced we need a skilled special team’s coordinator. Particularly one that can coach place kickers and returners. You can not go into games prepared to lose two of the three key areas of the game.

The defensive line – at least some of it – was on the media guide. This year’s media guide cover was Jeremiah Ledbetter, Taiwan Johnson, Deatrich Wise and Brooks Ellis.