In Mike’s presser and then in Jaylon and Anton’s all said “Defense” much more than any other word, which is great to hear. Mike’s getting their head in the right place and the right time. This team will go as the the defense goes.

Yes that is correct but what ends a defensive possession is a rebound or a made shot. We need the rebounds.
The have have out rebounded the last 3 opponents. Rebounding and free throws will be huge keys in winning or losing. Defending the 3 point line will be very important too!
The things that have happened lately that have prevented the hogs from putting teams away early have been free throws and turnovers. I’d rather see a bad shot as a silly turnover.
Hall may be one of the rebounding keys aginst the Aggies.

I don’t believe we have the players to play good defense in Mike’s system.

Strange, Defense has looked good the last several games to me.

Me too. That sorry Vandy team came back and scored 81 again in their next game after having a terrible shooting game agains us. Just maybe our D did have something to do with that.

Gay if they will stop gambling it would be much better! But that’s how Missouri beat A&M. I watched that game. Maybe it sounds crazy but Missouri took it to A&M.
Inside too!

There’s one thought that keeps sticking out in my mind! We have shot above 50% and lost 2 games this year! The things that beat us on defense.

  1. Free throw line fouling
  2. 3 point line not staying in contact with shooters
  3. Rebounds. Giving up offensive rebounds that lead to second chance points
    4 Free throw line the hogs falling to make free throws.
    Something has to change against quality teams to win! Maybe the hogs have figured it out. If Macon and Bardford really want to make a run in March they have to lead the way these next 5 games.

I would like to see Gafford,Osabuohien,Hall,Macon and Barford start the game for a couple reasons. I think this our best defense wether it in man D or our zone, best rebounding team and seems to me helps protect Gafford especially in the zone. We will be bigger and more effective on both ends of the floor starting the game, to often we expend to much energy trying to dig out of the hole early. Also we will have three on our future team on the court which will pay dividends come next season and will give Macon a chance to sharpen his point guard if he’s to get a opportunity at the next level. I could see starting Thomas and Beard if they brought anything extra besides experience but I don’t think that’s the case and I feel Macon can become a assist leader as good as Beard has been. Just my thoughts on having our best rebounding, defense and high energy players to start the game !! WPS