Deep look at Overtime Elite

We’re recruiting against these guys just as surely as we’re recruiting against Self and Calipari.

Sounds impressive. Long and detailed (paywall).

I was able to read quite a bit before they cut me off. Amazing actually, but I doubt very much if that concept will end up profitable. Specifically I doubt if high school kids can attract enough cash flow to break even overall.
The players should love it but I doubt if the rich guys supporting it will like long term cost.

If it is successful, college basketball programs will not be real happy nor the NBA I suspect. But the NBA could buy them out.

The goal here is to get kids ready for the NBA, not replace it. It’s just an alternative pipeline to college to get to the highest level.

“With 50 million followers and 1.7 billion video views per month across our social media channels”

Not a single school in the NCAA can come even close to this. I am 53 and participate very little in Social Media but I do participate in a sport that has exploded over the last 2 years due to social media presence that has a fraction of that following (Disc golf). Their baseline with those numbers is FREAKING AMAZING and sponsorship dollars will follow if they can maintain them. I bet at some point if this becomes even slightly successful the NBA will partner with them. Like the article states, and the owners were consistent in agreeing, “that credibility was the league’s only hope of ever getting off the ground.”

Not sure whether I like it or not. Does it hurt the college game, when do 9th graders leave high school to go play, lots of questions. Don’t care for the NIL but it’s here to stay. Life be a changing

Swine, I know virtually nothing about this thing in general, but what will happen to the NBA rights, if any, like draft position or will they be eligible for a draft etc.? I assume they will not be eligible for collegiate sports, basketball anyway.

Absolutely they’re eligible for the draft. The whole point of the thing is to give kids another path to the NBA besides college. The NBA still requires you to be one year out of high school, or be 19, until they get around to changing that rule (which they want to do but the players association has to sign off on it). These kids are attending class, so they’ll get a high school diploma, and some of them will probably be drafted next summer, certainly the summer of '23. If you get to read the entire article, it talks a lot about the academics at OTE and the woman who is in effect the principal of OTE High. They’re doing stuff like math, English and history, but they’re also teaching the kids things like how to handle their money and how to deal with the media, useful skills to take to the NBA.

Thanks, I think more of the idea now.

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