Dee Walker.....all I can do is shake my head!

Arrested for 5-6 different drugs charges and carry a loaded AR 15 rifle. Can you say…HE GONE!!! Probably a career ending stupid idiotic mistake!! He was dealing too!!! SMDH!!

Yeah he’s not going to ever play football again. He was carrying some serious weight around.

For sure. This wasn’t a situation of getting pulled over and you are caught with a blunt or tiny amount of weed. The stuff he had on him leads you to believe he may have been doing this for a while now in my opinion. Just unreal and a sad situation.

Does this mean we will now be taking another recruit, total of 30?

I mean there’s no chance Dee comes back.

I was gonna ask the same. Maybe now we can take both LBs and still a possible grad QB?

I disagree. The inmates just got a substantial upgrade at linebacker and now have a good shot at beating the guards. Bert Reynolds is no doubt smiling from somewhere. Another uncommonly fine young man recruited by another Bert.

I sure hope that it does not scare some moms off and not let them sign latter on…

I believe 29 is a hard limit on how many we can sign even if we have more spots than that open.

Naa, I’m sure it won’t. This is an easy one to pin to Bret, as one of his “uncommon” recruits.

I think it’s a plus he will be gone. Get the bad ones out. Took away a dealer on the team who likely was dealing to some of the team. Last thing we need is players all taking Xanax, I mean they played like they were all rolling pretty good on it this year.

“recruit” (possibly) or “scholarship” (no).

No matter how many players on scholarship leave the program, this upcoming class is capped at 29 new scholarships: 25 max. this year + 4 countbacks to the previous class.

Ok, thanks.

Probably not. The guy was recruited by the previous staff, and had managed to stay out of the papers and off the message boards(other than people wondering if he would be a contributor last season or in 2019). He was not an obvious problem before his side hustle blew up on him.

So this should not be too difficult an explanation for the staff, and in a way kind of fits into the narrative of cleaning house.


First #Free33 tweet rings in.

Refusal of accountability is an epidemic with some of these guys.

You wonder why the team looks like it has the last few years but the evidence is everywhere.

P.s. this tweeter also loves to over exaggerate the conditions of his hometown… im from there and even our bad parts really aren’t that bad. But that goes against the popular culture style these days.

That didn’t take long… he has already been taken off the 2018-2019 roster on the Arkansas Razorbacks page. … on=2018-19

Even at 20, how can you be that dumb? Full ride. Chance at a great future with that degree. So stupid.

Do they still pick cucumbers at Cummings?

I hate to be unkind, but if I were the Judge, he would have his 30th birthday in a prison. And if he involved any other players, his 50th also. If there has been a four month investigation he has been doing things a good while. Sad.

Walker is in for some hard time. I’ve been in every Arkansas prison (not as an inmate - part of my job :D) and they are tough places. Very tough. He has screwed up royally. Very sad. Very sad.

Bonehead. Just hope he learns from it and stays clean whenever this is over.

LD message me about your prison job I frequent a few myself.

Very very sad situation…kid had a lot Talent that never really got to present itself for some reason or another I was thinking this year might be his chance but obviously not praying for his family I know they’ve got to be devastated