Could we have a breakdown of our recommits and where they signed, if they did sign? Are there any unsigned that our new staff remains interested?

T. Crawford – unsigned
A. Horace – unsigned
M. Mangum – Cal
M. French – Tennessee
J. Vance – Louisville
J. Gentry – committed to Utah today but hasn’t signed AFAIK
B. Frazier – unsigned
S. Williams – unsigned
C. Morris – unsigned (you think there’s a chance??? :stuck_out_tongue: )
K. Dixon – looks like Texas
Z. Capers – Auburn
Eason and McDonald from Memphis Whitehaven also signed with Tennessee. I don’t remember if they committed but all three of the Whitehaven guys visited the same weekend.

All of this is what I could find on 247 so it’s dependent on how good their information is.

Will be interesting to see how many of these guys we target for February. They obviously had some good feelings about Arkansas (recognizing that some of those were based on relationships with former staff) in the past that hopefully might still be leveraged (assuming CSP feels they are worthy or pursuing again)

It stings we lost French which may have very well given us a solid shot at Eason and McDonald. Still not sure I ever heard what happened when they were here on visit but water under the bridge now and we focus on what we have in front of us and those opportunities.

Bunch of kids on the list Swine produced we can still try and land!

As I understand it, one of them had sticky fingers and showed that he was a thief while he was here by stealing things. I think that sorta burned that bridge. I wanna say it was *****, but not positive. I hope they (as in the other vols) keep their valuables locked up in Tennessee or they might find things missing.

Mod. note: since you don’t know for sure, I deleted the name. Please don’t accuse unless you are sure. -Marty

That’s what I heard too, but not sure which one.

Wow…very interesting and sad to hear. If it was him that is a little surprising from all the stuff you would see and hear on him. Regardless, not a good habit to be getting into that could lead to issues down the road in life!

Thanks Swine.